Back Bow T-shirt DIY

Posted by Autumn

We found this DIY gem on Pinterest, and it's perfect for summertime crafting. Want to add a little breeze to your tees? Give them this stylish embellishment and you'll look and feel as cool as a cucumber.

Back Bow T-shirt

from In La La Land  

What You Will Need

T-shirt or T-shirt dress

Sewing shears

Sewing needle & thread matching fabric


1. Turn shirt inside out and lay flat. Mark where to cut--a few inches down and about half the width of the shirt.

2. Cut flap in shirt.

3. Starting at bottom center of flap (where the bow would start) loosely hand stitch to top of flap, leaving spaces between stitches.

4. Pull thread tight, this should create a bow look when fabric bunches.  Wrap thread around flap in center of bow once, and push needle straight through from top to bottom of bow.

5. Cut a strip of fabric long enough to wrap around bow from fabric cut off of shirt earlier.

6. Hand stitch fabric strip to secure in place.

Image from In La La Land

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