DIY Coasters make the perfect holiday gift!

Posted by Chaya C


I recently went to the store to buy myself a new set of coasters...  However when I looked at the price on what I thought to be a cheap set, I quickly changed my mind.  What is the point of buying an overpriced unoriginal set, when you could just make your own fabulous ones?  So I did.

I decided to make a cute set I found on Jo-ann's website, but of course, I modified the project and did it my way.  The final product turned out the same, I just forgot to buy some materials (like always) and was forced to go about creating my coasters a different way.  Here's how I made mine...




Mod Podge Sheer Colors - Green, PurpleFullSizeRender17.jpg

Scotch Multi-Purpose Adhesive

FolkArt Multi-Surfact Paint - Licorice

Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Paint - Satin

FolkArt  Peel & Stick Stencil

Woodline Works 4 x 4 round plaque quantity 4

Barnwood scrapbook paper

Flat brush 1/2"

Spongit Stick

X-Acto Knife



Step 1:


Paint rim and bottom of coasters Satin.  Let dry for several hours.

Step 2:


Place peel & stick stencils on top of coasters in whichever arrangement you like.  I chose 4 different words that had different letters in them, because I was only able to use these stencils one time.

Step 3:


Use Spongit Stick to apply Licorice to stencils.  I learned the hard way to only do one light layer, don't cake on the paint because it takes forever to dry.  I would suggest letting it dry overnight.

Step 4:


After the paint is completely dry slowly peel off the stencils.

Step 5:


Apply Sheer Colors with a flat brush to surface of coasters.  The more coats that you apply, the darker the color becomes.

Step 6:


Cut 2/5" strips of Barnwood scrapbook paper that will fit around the edge of the coasters.

Step 7:


Apply adhesive to paper strips and wrap around the edge of the coasters.

Step 8:


Set your cup on top of your favorite finished coaster and marvel at all of its glory. :)

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