Knit Simple

Posted by Marissa

I am truly mystified by the "art of knitting." I love seeing all the great projects that people come up with and the detail of these masterpieces truly inspires me. OttLite was stoked this month to find we were featured in the fall version of Knit Simple. Check out this great magazine for a Craft Caddy feature/giveaway.

Did you know that 53 Million people are knitting today and that there are over 900 blogs devoted just to the subject of knitting? (Source: Knit Simple). Also, it is cool to see all the great community knitting groups out there as well. Also, there are a lot of great web resources as well such as Revelry and even Flickr Groups where you can check out all the great knitting projects people are working on and have finished.

So what knitting project are you working on? Send your photos to and you could be the lucky winner of a Craft Caddy too!


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  • Lynsey 12 years 237 days ago
    Alright algriht alright that's exactly what I needed!