Back To School Storage Containers

Posted by Chaya C


Summer is almost over and it's time to start thinking about back to school.  Back to school can mean many things but most importantly it means new supplies!  In honor of back to school, here is a fun craft for kids of all ages to help them get organized for the new school year.  It's perfect for the student desk, dorm room or home office.


All of the items below can be purchased at your local crafts store:

  • Acrylic Paint (we used yellow, white, blue, and red)

  • Chalkboard Paint – black

  • Round Paper Mache Boxes

  • Photo Album/Video Storage Box

  • Unfinished wooden disks that fit boxes - use different wooden shapes such as apples as well

  • Wood Slats to fit Photo Album/Video Storage box

  • Round foam brushes (in graduating sizes)

  • Flat brush

  • White chalk pen

  • Glue



1.  Paint base coast of one box in white, one box in blue, and one in yellow.  Then paint lids of boxes in alternating colors



3. Use foam spongers to apply contrasting circles to the boxes.



4.  Apply several coats of chalkboard paint to wooden circles and rectangle.  Let cure as instructed.




5.  Use end of brush and create dot borders on all chalkboard surfaces with white paint.  Allow to dry.




6.  Glue chalkboard surfaces to lids of round box and to the end of storage box.



7.  Label your boxes with a chalk pen and start organizing!

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