Personalize Your Sunglasses

Posted by Marcea



We're right in the middle of summer and here in Florida it's hard to get around without a pair of sunglasses. While it's great to have a pair, sometimes it's hard to keep track of them and some of the inexpensive pairs aren't that cute. So why not decorate them?

I found this craft on It's fairly simple and lets you put your own personal spin on your glasses with a little paper and glue!




* Pair of inexpensive sunglasses (dollar stores often carry them)

* Several pieces of scrapbook paper

* pair of scissors or a craft knife

* foam brush

* Mod Podge Satin

* Mod Podge Dimensional Magic






1. Trace the arm of each side of the sunglasses onto the scrapbook paper.




2.  Cut out the paper by cutting slightly inside the trace lines. Trim the paper as needed to fit the arm of the glasses.




3.  Brush some Mod Podge Satin onto one arm of the sunglasses. Then press and smooth the paper on top of the arm. Clean up any glue that may come out with a paper towel and be sure there are no air bubbles under the paper. Allow the glue to dry. Repeat with the other arm.






4.  Bend the arm horizontally so it is as flat as possible. Put a paper towel under the arm to catch any drips that may occur.

Starting at one end, slowly cover the scrapbook paper with the Dimensional Magic.  Be sure there aren't any bubbles. This was a tricky step; the Dimensional Magic is thick and comes out cloudy.  Don't worry - it will dry clear. Let that arm dry overnight and then repeat the same step with the other arm. The Dimensional Magic gives the scrapbook paper some shininess and dimension.

Repeat step 4 with the other arm of the sunglasses.

Once it has dried on both sides, you can repeat the steps with the Dimensional Magic if you'd like more depth and height to the look of each arm.




5.  Take your glasses and wear them with style!


As you can see when I started cutting my scrapbook paper, it was pink. But one pair are covered with green paper and the other pair have black polka-dot paper. That's because I cut my pink paper a little too closely and had to start over (which is why I suggested you have several pieces of scrapbook paper to work with).  Be prepared to practice cutting and using the Dimensional Magic in case you need to redo them.  And don't worry if you do need to redo them a few times; it might take a little trial and error for you to get them just the way you'd like!

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