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Photos courtesy of Lucy Collin

(Photos courtesy of Lucy Collin)

Lucy Collin designs and creates amigurumi figures.  A wife and mom of two sons, ages 12 and 15, Lucy lives in West Sussex in the south of England and has found that crocheting small figures is her passion.  Learn more about Lucy, what amigurumi is and how her characters attracted the attention of the creators of Star Wars. 

When did you start crocheting?  I learned when I was a little girl. My grandmother taught me.  I did some when I was younger but not very much.  I did make myself a cardigan when I was about 12 or 13.  But then I didn’t do it for years.

When my boys were little I wanted to make things for the school bazaar.  I  was looking online for ideas and I suddenly realized there were crochet things out there and patterns I could have a go at. So I started doing it again. That was about 9 or 10 years ago and there were just starting to be lots of cute little patterns for animals on the internet that I could try out.  Then I started to make my own patterns. 

Could you describe what amigurumi is?  It’s a Japanese word that means knitted or crocheted animals or cute little toys.  When you’re crocheting something like a scarf, you’re crocheting backwards and forwards to get the rectangular shape. When you’re crocheting a toy you’re making three-dimensional circle shapes.  You just keep going round and round in a spiral and increase and decrease into the shape you want. 

How did your love of crocheting turn into making amigurumi?  I wanted to make little things for the school bazaar.  We were trying to make things for the children to buy rather than adults.  So we wanted things that would be quick to make.  So when I when I saw things like that they were the obvious thing to try. 

I must admit I always liked cuddly toys.  And having little boys they wanted me to make them things.  So it seem like a fun thing to do . When you crochet you end up making hats, scarves and blankets and things that are very wintery.  When it’s not winter it’s much more fun to make little animals!

Do you have a favorite theme that you like to create in amigurumi?  I like animals and I’m into science fiction fantasy so I like to make mythical creatures and characters from film and TV.

What inspires you when creating your designs?  Initially a lot of it was my boys watching something and saying ‘can you make me that?’  Also when you look at your pets you think ‘I could make them even cuter than they already are!’

Your book Star Wars Crochet was recently released. How did it feel to have your patterns and creations published?  It’s really good – it’s great!  There have been so many people looking at it and contacting me about it and making them.  It’s really cool.  I think one of the coolest things was when the book publishing company let me know that Lucas Films liked my patterns.  Being a big Star Wars fan knowing Lucas Films liked them was very, very pleasing.  I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was little and both of my boys are fans too so it’s great. 

Besides amigurumi what is your favorite thing to crochet?  I have to admit for quite a long time it has been nothing but amigurumi.  I’ve been quite obsessed!  Whenever I make something I want to turn it into a pattern.  In the last year or so I’ve been wanting to make something for my house.  If you’re a crocheter it’s nice to have things around your house that prove it.  I’ve done some cushion covers and I made a blanket, which I was very pleased with.  It’s a nice thing to have to do where I don’t have to think about so much.  If I working on a amigurumi pattern I have to think about it because I’m designing it as I’m making it.  Where if you’re working on something like a blanket you don’t have to think very hard about it. 

You recently tried an OttLite for the first time.  What differences do you see and how has it helped you with your crocheting?  It’s very good!  When you’re working with amigurumi the stitches are pretty small and seeing where you’re putting the hook into isn’t always that easy.  So having a really decent light is really making the difference.  I’m very pleased with it.  

Where is your favorite spot to crochet?  On my sofa watching telly with the dog snuggled up next to me (laughs).  It’s a good excuse to get through lot of TV shows.  I can allow myself to watch them because I’m also crocheting at the same time.  

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Crocheting! I find crocheting so enjoyable I do it in my spare time.   I also like taking my dog for walks and reading if I get the chance.  

You can find Lucy online on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and on her blog.  To view or purchase her patterns be sure to visit her Etsy shop

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