Halloween Decorations for the Ronald McDonald House

Posted by Marcea

Halloween is a great time of year to go all out when decorating your house.  This year, the team at OttLite decided to get in the Halloween spirit and help a local non-profit by creating decorations for the Tampa Ronald McDonald House.

A group of us got together one day to make glitter pumpkins, spider webs (made out of trash bags), paper spiders, and paper bats.  We also stuffed goodie bags with Halloween candy and an OttLite Mini Flip to give to the parents who are staying at the house in October. 


We’re lucky to have a lot of creative people working at OttLite and the decorations came out great!   We were also helped out with lighting from some of our new lamps like the LED Light Box & Task Lamp Station (shown in picture above) and the LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Base

Here's the decorated room full of spiderwebs and bats! We hope the parents get a little comfort in the room while they're staying at the Ronald McDonald House.  



Below are instructions on how you can re-create some of the decorations that we made.  Let us know in the comments how they turned out and your favorite thing about Halloween!

Glitter Pumpkins


Craft Pumpkins from your local craft store


Adhesive Spray




Lay down your newspaper to protect your work area.  Holding the craft pumpkin by the stem, spray the adhesive spray all over the pumpkin.  Make sure you’re working in a well ventilated area while doing this. 

Take what colored glitter you’d like to use and begin to sprinkle over the area just sprayed.  Use your imagination and use colors you like or colors of your favorite sports team. You can use one color, layer the colors or do side-by-side colors.  

If you’d like to glitter the bottom of the pumpkin, spray the bottom and then dip into the glitter that’s gathered onto your newspaper.  Allow to dry. 


Trash Bag Spider Webs

(instructions from HowAboutOrange.blogspot.com)



Large black trash bag



White chalk pen


Lay your trash bag out flat.  Trim off the sides and bottom of the bag so that you have 2 large rectangles.  Cut each rectangle into a square. 

Fold one square in half so it makes a triangle.  Fold that triangle in half two more times.  You can use tape to hold the layers together if that helps. 

Use the chalk pen to draw guides on the plastic. Draw a stem at the bottom pointed portion and then make scallops off the stem (there's a great template on the HowAboutOrange blog).  With your scissors, cut out the smaller (or negative) portions.  Unfold your web and tape several together to make a larger web if you’d like. 


Paper Spiders


Black Construction Paper


Googly Eyes


Spray Adhesive




Take a can and draw a circle on the construction paper.  Cut out the circle and save the scrap paper for the legs.  Spray the circle with adhesive and dust glitter over it.  Glue googly eyes to the glittered circle.  Take the scrap construction paper and cut our slim rectangles.  Fold the rectangles like an accordion and then unfold.  Glue the legs to the body of your spider. 

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