Kid's Craft: Thanksgiving Turkey Table Decoration

Posted by Marcea

Thanksgiving is a great time to teach the art of gratitude to children. This project will help them learn what they're grateful for this year while also helping to decorate the Thanksgiving table.

This is a simple project from Crafts by Amanda.  You probably have most of the items in your house already, which makes it even easier.  It took me less than an hour to complete so it should be something that’s simple for children over the age of 7.  Younger children could do this as well but an adult would probably need to assist with the cutting of the cardboard. 



  • Empty cereal box
  • Construction paper in the following colors (1 sheet of each, except for brown which you’ll probably need 3-4 sheets of): brown, red, yellow, orange, green and black.  If you have brown paper bags around you can use that to replace the brown construction paper.
  • Glue stick
  • White craft glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Tape



1. Cut the cereal box in half the long way.  


2. If you take apart the ends to make the box flat, that makes it easier to cut in half. Keep one half and tape the ends of the box closed to reform the box.

3. Take your ruler and measure 4” from the edge of each side of your box half. Cut all around the box where you measured.  This will remove the center of the box leaving you with two separate ends.  Set aside the center of the box that you removed (you’ll need it for later).



4. Place the two ends of the cut box one inside of the other.  Tape the two pieces together. 



5. Using a glue stick, cover the box with the brown construction paper (or paper bag).


6. Taking the center of the box that you removed a few steps ago and using the turkey pattern pieces, cut the turkey head out of the cardboard. Use the glue stick to glue the brown paper onto the cardboard and two of the turkey heads out of brown construction paper.  Then use the craft glue to adhere the head inside the box. 

7. To make your feathers, cut out strips of the leftover cardboard about 7" tall and 2" wide.  Cut out the same sized strips from the red, green, yellow and orange construction paper.  Cover the cardboard strips with glue and then cover with the construction paper strips.  Have each child write what they’re thankful for on the strips.  Then trim the strips into feather shapes.  Attach to the back of the box with your craft glue and let dry. 

8. Cut out the remaining  turkey pattern pieces:  Black for the bow tie; Orange for the beak; Red for the gobbler; Brown for the hands.  Then write “Happy Thanksgiving” on a piece of white paper and glue it into the hands and attach all pieces to the box. 



Note: You can easily include your guests by having everyone write what they’re thankful for when they come over.  Put all the notes inside your turkey and read them before your meal.   We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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