5 Things We LOVE about Designing OttLite LED Desk Lamps

Posted by Jessica

Our line of OttLite LED Desk Lamps is specially designed to bring you new features and functionality. Here are five reasons we love designing with OttLite LEDs:


1) Design Freedom!! Designing lighting with OttLite LEDs is so freeing! Anything we can dream of we can do. Instead of designing around specific tube or bulb sizes, we can create any shape we need to deliver the right amount of OttLite Natural Daylight LEDs exactly where and how we want them. The OttLite LED Crane lamp with its circular head and sleek lines is a great example of cool design meets OttLite LED lighting.


2OttLite Cobra LED Desk Lamp) Multiple Color Temperatures.  Some of our LED desk lamps feature multiple color temperatures, like our OttLite Cobra LED Desk Lamp. You can enjoy OttLite’s natural daylight setting, a cool light or a warm light. Your choice! 


3) Dimmable. You’re in control! Many of our OttLite LED Lamps are dimmable or have 3-4 brightness settings so you can select the brightness level that works for your activity and space.


4) Charge it Up! We have incorporated USB charging ports into many of our styles including the OttLite LED Pivoting Banker's Lamp. We use a 5V, 2.1A USB port to FULLY charge your tablet or smartphone. Less powerful USB ports will only trickle charge, so keep an eye out for 5V, 2.1A to fully charge your devices.


5) Perfect Portability. From LED illuminated magnifiers to our folding OttLite Rechargeable LED Travel Light with an alarm clock, there are so many great options for great lighting on the go.


Check out our entire line of OttLite LED Lighting to find the LED Desk Lamp that's right for you! 


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