Ready. Set. School!

Posted by Marissa


Here in beautiful Tampa Bay, it's time again to say goodbye to summer and hello to a new school year!

If your kids are not too excited about starting back to school, here's a fun treat to let them make and take during those first few days of chaos, new schedules, new friends, etc...

We made these graham cracker treats, but  put an easier spin on them...  This photo is from One Pretty Thing's site...(Rachel does a great job finding all kinds of ideas on the blogosphere ..thanks R!).

This particular "cake" was simplified by NOT fussing with the cake! We figured that to take these to school to give to friends it would be easier and less messy to just decorate the cookies.

Jesalyn (my now 8th grader) decided it would be fun to mix it up a little and have MINT chocolate graham cracker cookies too!  She decorated her cookies with white icing, then the school colors of red and blue. She wrote the name of the school on some, the words "spirit", "pep" and other names on others, and then for her few special friends she's known for a long time, she put hearts on them, and thinking of new kids that might be in her class she wrote "welcome"!  Once she got going on them there was no stopping. The cookies were distrubuted at lunch and were a huge hit with requests for MORE!  Any time of the year is a good time to spell out what you'd like to say with these fun cookies! You can even play Scrabble with them... if you can resist eating them all before the game is done!

Have a great beginning to a new school year! And remember to head over to our OttLite site and see some of the great new "cool" lighting we've got going on for the kids!

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