4 OttLite Magnifying Lamps That Will Change How You See The World!

Posted by Marcea

As we get older, our eyesight can begin to deteriorate and affect our vision.  This decrease in vision can affect the way we read, work and also our hobbies.  Don’t let changes in vision stop you from doing what you love – let OttLite help you out.

With great OttLite CFL and LED lighting, you’ll see more comfortably making what you love to do easier and more enjoyable. OttLite magnifying lamps come in a variety of strengths to help you do what you love, longer.  In addition to the magnifier, they also have lights included to help you see those details clearly and colors accurately.  Here are some of the magnifiers you can use to help you see details more clearly:

1.    Do dark restaurants make you want to put on 3 pair of glasses? If reading menus in restaurants, reading maps, or reading fine print is getting harder, try the Pop-Up LED Magnifier.  With its collapsible design, you’ll be able to take this magnifier anywhere you go while keeping the magnifier protected.  The super bright LEDs illuminate what you’re reading and the powerful 2x optical-grade magnifier will increase the size of what you’re looking at so you can see details clearly. 

2.    Enjoy crocheting, crossword puzzles or any fine detail activity where you need your hands free?  Then the 4-inch Hands-Free LED Magnifier is what you’re looking for.  With a cord to hang the magnifier around your neck and no-slip rubberized feet, your hands will be free to do whatever activity you're like.  The 1.5x optical-grade magnifier with a 4.25 spot viewer ensures that you'll be able to see it all. 

3.    Need a portable magnifier with a lot of viewing space? The 5-inch Rimless LED Handheld Magnifier is illuminated with super bright OttLite LEDs to help enhance the 2x optical-grade magnifier.  With its no-slip rubberized handle and storage pouch that doubles as a lens polishing cloth, you’ll be ready to sleuth out whatever you need. 

4.     Need better lighting and magnification at your desk or workstation?  The 22w Clamp Magnifier Lamp is the ideal light and magnifier for you to use at a desk or table.  The 1.75x optical-grade magnifier is 5” in diameter providing plenty of space for you to see what you’re working on and also comes with a flip shade to protect the magnifier.  The sturdy and versatile clamp attaches to tables, desk, and workbenches so it can be used wherever you need it.  With 360-degree illumination, a rotating head and an included bulb rated to last up to 10,000 hours, you’re ready to see details clearly.  

See our entire line of OttLite Magnification Lamps for a variety of magnification choices!

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