Eyestrain No More with OttLite Lamps

Posted by Marcea

Eyestrain.  That annoying condition where your eyes hurt, burn or get watery from intense use.  Eyestrain can come from looking at a computer for long periods of time, doing intricate detailed work, or reading a lot.  But where does eyestrain come from?

Some light wavelengths allow you to see bright colors, but emit a bright glaring light.  Your eye reacts by the muscles contracting, or you squinting.  Other wavelengths let you see high contrast so objects appear clear but you lose color fidelity. 

To be able to do what you love, longer be sure that you have an OttLite to help.  OttLite lamps give you a balance of contrast and brightness that allow you to see details clearly and colors accurately.  This allows the eye to focus and see without a harsh glare, distortion or fatigue.  It’s like bringing natural daylight indoors!

OttLite has over 150 lamps to help you do everything you love to do:

Office and Desk Lamps

It’s easy to focus on both the big picture and the fine details with an OttLite Office Lamp.  Working all day in front of a computer has never been easier.  Available in a variety of styles, finding an office lamp, like the OttLite LED Desk Lamps featured to the left, will be a breeze.  

Reading Lamps

Reading takes you away to places that captivate your mind and fuel your imagination.  Don’t let all that reading affect your eyes.  Read all day and night with OttLite’s Natural Daylight Illumination lamps. With an OttLite reading lamp like the new Natural Daylight LED Flex Floor Lamp, you’ll have hours of reading enjoyment. 





Crafting Lamps

Working with dark yarn, tiny beads or specialty paper has never been easier than with OttLite Crafting Lamps!  Project friendly lamps such as the 13w Craft Space Organizer and the 2-in-1 LED Magnifier Floor and Table Light ensure that there’s an OttLite lamp for every crafting need. 




Travel Lamps

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice great lighting.  Our OttLite Travel Lamps are great for anyone who is in a hotel, at an event or even in an RV. Packed with features for portable performance, OttLite lamps such as the LED Mini Flip Lite or the Rechargeable LED Travel Light  allow you to illuminate while on the go!


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