OttLite LED Color Changing Base Lamps - How the Magic Happens!

Posted by Marcea

OttLite LED Color Changing Lamps are a lot of fun! But have you ever wondered how they can turn the color you select or cycle through the entire 256-color palette? 

Color changing LEDs are made up of groups of LEDs that are red, green and blue.  A computer chip controls the brightness of individual red, green and blue LEDS to create different colors.  So if the blue LED is lit, you’d see blue. If the blue and red LEDs are lit at the same time, the color purple is shown.  A combination of these three main LEDs in any pattern helps create the colors of the rainbow -- it’s that simple!

OttLite has 3 lamps in our OttLite Color Spectrum Series to choose from.  You can use the color changing base alone for ambient lighting or use it with the task lamp when you need additional OttLite Natural Daylight LED Illumination.  There’s an OttLite Color Spectrum Series lamp for everyone to help you see details clearly and reduce glare & eyestrain so you can do what you love, longer!

LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Base – the original OttLite Color Changing Base lamp!  3 brightness levels, a 6.5” shade and a flexible neck to provide Super Bright Natural Daylight makes sure you’re ready to see details clearly whenever you need to.  

Color Changing Spectrum LED Desk Lamp with USB – the next step in our OttLite Color Spectrum Series family, this lamp has a sleek,streamlined base, 3 brightness settings, a 7” shade, and a USB port (5V, 2.1A) that fully charges tablets and smartphones.  

LED Desk Lamp with Color Changing Tunnel – with a unique color tunnel, this lamp has 3 color temperatures, 4 brightness settings, a 9.5” shade to provide OttLite Natural Daylight LED Illumination wherever you need it, and a USB port (5V, 2.1A) to fully charge your tablet or phone. 

For more information on LED lighting, visit our LED 101 page.  

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