Patriotic Mason Jar Candle

Posted by Marcea

As the summer holidays approach, more people are spending time outside.  Here's a fun craft we found at Michael's that would be perfect for decorating your patio or porch for Memorial Day or 4th of July.  


(3) Ball® Smooth Side Mason Jars

(3) 4” x 6” fabric American flags

Mod Podge® Hard Coat

Foam applicators

Decorative sand

Jute twine

Tea candles




1. Remove flags from the wooden or plastic sticks.  If needed, use a pair of pliers to get staples out (try not to pull because you could tear the flag).  If your flags were in a bag and are wrinkled, you can take a warm iron to them. 

2. Protect your work surface with some paper and apply the Mod Podge to both sides of one flag with a foam applicator.  


3. Lay one of the smooth side Mason jars on its side with the bottom towards you and lay down your Mod Podge coated flag.  Make sure that the stars of the flag are on your right hand top corner in this step so it will show correctly when you stand the jar up and turn it around.  

4. Smooth out the flag onto the jar. You may need to add a little more Mod Podge and brush it on while the flag is on the jar. Try to keep it on the flag as the Mod Podge will dry cloudy on the glass (if that happens just scrape the glue off the glass when its dry). Smooth the flag out the best you can and remove air bubbles with the foam applicator. Let dry.

5 Continue steps 3 and 4 for the next two sets of flags and jars.  

6. Cut (3) 18" pieces of jute twine.  Wrap it around the top of the jar several times and tie. 

6. Add decorative sand to each jar until it's about 2" deep in each one. 

7. Add 1 candle to each jar.  Place jars outside and use a grill lighter to light each candle.  



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