Custom Back To School Laundry Bags

Posted by Marcea

With summer in full swing and back-to-school approaching, a laundry bag is a must have in some households. It’s easy to make a DIY laundry bag and create a one-of-a-kind item just for your camper or college student. 



Take your stencil and lay it out where you’d like on your laundry bag. We used a Statue of Liberty stencil from our OttLite Ambassador Stencil1 and also created an abstract bag using paint tape as a stencil. I used some multi purpose adhesive to keep the stencil around the edges in place so there was no bleeding of the paint underneath. Tape off the edges of the stencil as well.  

Once you have the stencil where you’d like it, spray on the fabric paint in a side-to-side motion over the stencil. Give it several coats until it’s the color that you’d like. If you’ve done an abstract design you can spray the paint all around the tape to paint the entire bag.

Remove the stencil or tape and let the paint dry according to the package directions. Once it’s dried, you can paint around the design you’ve already created or leave just the stencil image on the bag and the rest of the bag plain canvas. It’s up to you!

That’s it! Be as creative as you’d like. You could make a bag for your college student using paint that is the colors of the college they’re attending. Or use your camper’s favorite colors and let them help design the bag with you. Be sure to share pictures of the laundry bag you designed with us on social media using #WhatsUnderYourOttLite or #OttLite

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