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Tennille Martinez knows something about having a vision. An education administrator by trade, Tennille turned her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and helping others into Ms. Virtual Maven, an online social media marketing business. A firm believer in putting it out there, Tennille shares with us her tips on how to build a vision board to help realize your dreams.  

What’s the purpose of a vision board?  Vision boards allow you to turn a dream, wish or hope into reality. It’s what you want to manifest and bring to life. The whole purpose of a vision board is to bring to life what you truly dream of by being specific with the details. It gives you a concrete form to an abstract dream.

What’s the first thing someone should do when they decide they want to create a vision board? The first step is to schedule some time to get quiet and envision what you want in your life. It is not about thinking about what is lacking but about the visions you see when thinking of your better life.

What you’re wanting doesn’t have to be material items. My 2017 Vision Board contained pictures related to spirituality and getting closer to God. I incorporated images that brought that feeling to life. If you want a relationship with a special someone or a stronger family bond with those you love, find pictures that are representative of that feeling.

What’s the next step? Next, you need time to create it. If you have kids at home, try to get a sitter or have your partner take them for the day. The goal is to minimize as many distractions as possible. This includes TV and social media.

Should the vision board be done in a physical form or is it okay to have an online board?  I’ve done both. A lot of people take pictures from Pinterest and Google to place on their physical and digital vision board.

The old school version was to grab a bunch of magazines and cut out pictures of appealing images. It’s what I used do with my high school students over 10 years ago to discover what they wanted for their life. Nowadays you can go online and search for what you want to incorporate. Either way works! If you create an online board be sure to look at it regularly or you can print it out and keep it in your office/work space.

Does the vision board only have to be pictures? Can you draw or paint some of your visions? Your vision board can absolutely be drawings or paintings! I've done vision boards that are similar to Word Maps or word webs. I selected one word I wanted to focus on for the Year and written text that branched out from the main word.  

Now that it’s done, where should I keep my vision board? Try to keep your vision board in a place that you will see it like your office or work space. Some of my smaller vision boards have been placed in areas that I frequent like my kitchen or bathroom mirror.  You can also take a picture of your physical vision board or screen shot of your digital vision board and make a background for your computer or phone screen.

Do you mind sharing with us some things that you put on one of your vision boards that came true? A few things from my 2017 Vision Board came true! My dream of starting my own business came to life this year. Now, this wasn't something I specifically put on my vision board. I selected images that represented the feeling I wanted - financial freedom, traveling, being my own boss, being valued in the workplace, leader and happiness.  Starting my own business brought all of that! 

More specifically, I placed images of traveling more, writing a book, a new car and connecting closer to God. Traveling happened unexpectedly - I went to Chicago, Orlando, and St. Augustine. None of the places were planned for and the benefits were endless. I was able to connect professionally with other like-minded entrepreneurs and have an amazing family trip that brought all of us closer. Writing the book became writing blogs. Not exactly what I expected the outcome to be, but definitely what I wanted - to write consistently and publish.  The car and connecting closer to God happened as well.

Vision boards are not so much about getting everything specifically you put on your board.  It is more in the process of expressing the feeling you want in your life and accepting the form in how it shows up.   

To learn more about Tennille and Ms. Virtual Maven, visit her website. You can also follow Ms. Virtual Maven on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+

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