Wellness Series by OttLite - The Healthiest LED Lights

Posted by Marcea


With a New Year here, a lot of us are thinking about what we can do to get in better shape. We’re watching what we’re eating, exercising, drinking more water and even meditating to help us feel better. But there’s one body part that’s often forgotten about – the eyes.

Eyestrain in a health issue nearly everyone has experienced. Did you know that 3 out of 4 people experience eyestrain every day? If you’ve ever been doing a task or something you enjoy and had to stop due to itchy, burning eyes then you’ve had eyestrain. And that’s a sign that your lighting isn’t working for you. So let the Wellness Series lamps help!

The Wellness Series is the result of OttLite working hard for more than 2 years with researchers and engineers to create a proprietary LED technology that matches the sun’s color spectrum as close as humanly possible. 

The gold standard for balanced light, the Wellness Series can help you see and feel better by reducing eyestrain by up to 51%. No other LED on the market can say that! The Wellness Series went toe-to-toe with the top 20 selling LED lamps on the market and our lamps performed 51% better on the Eye Fatigue Index, making the Wellness Series undoubtedly the healthiest light you can buy.

In addition to reducing eyestrain, the Wellness Series lamps come with features such as USB charging ports, color changing bases, clocks and dimming switches to help you find the lamp that is perfect for your home or office space.*

Interested in learning more about the Wellness Series? See the lights in the series (each available in two colors) and watch the video below:


*All features not available on all lamps 

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