The Home of the Future

Posted by Marissa

I must admit that I am a bit of a sci-fi nerd. It is exciting to imagine the future and how things will change. Just think of all the dreamed up technologies  that have now become a reality. So much has happened in the last 10 years it is fun to think about what will happen in the next decade.

I stumbled across a great post on Apartment Therapy recently that talked about the results of a new once a decade survey published by the IFDA (International Furnishing and Design Association).  The 2000 members were asked about how they think home life in America will change between now and 2020. Have you ever been to historic homes and wondered how people were able to live in homes with only one bathroom, or outdoor kitchens, or....? Instead of looking back the IFDA is looking forward and came up with some interesting ideas on what the trends will be:

Lean and Green: 76% of members thought Americans will be living in smaller spaces with fewer rooms. 10 years ago when asked the same question only 49% predicted this shift.

Hasta la Vista Dining Room: 71% predicted that the formal dining room would go away and the space would be used for other things, such as working from home.

The Multipurpose Home: 65.7% say furniture will need to be multipurpose . Movable, modular pieces will overtake furniture pieces that are huge and heavy or built in.

Mission Kitchen: With dining rooms going away, more people will be eating in their kitchens which means kitchens will be getting bigger, said 65% of the members.

Busy Bedrooms: Media and exercise equipment will make a move to the master bedroom said 52.2% of respondents.

Hello Home Office: 75% said home offices will be a given and 37.3 thought MULTIPLE home offices will be the norm.

High Tech Homes: The most resounding prediction (97%) believed that voice and sensor controls will take over from touch as more and more furniture and home equipment makes the switch.

I can't say I disagree with too many of these predictions, as it seems to me like some of them are already prevalent in my life. What do you think? What is your vision of the home of the future?

Thanks to Apartment Therapy and IFDA for the info from 20/20: IFDA's Vision for the Future Survey


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