Packing Hacks for Your Summer Trips

Posted by Alisha

Are vacations the highlight of your summer? If you’re like me, once a trip is on the calendar, you impatiently count the days until your departure.

But when a summer trip nears and it’s time to get packing, it’s easy to procrastinate or get caught up with last-minute errands. When you do get around to packing, you want to travel light, but you usually end up overpacking.

Am I right?

Whether you often find yourself frantically packing a messy, unorganized suitcase at the last minute or you’re just looking for some pointers on how to take the stress out of summer travel prep, we’ve got some helpful packing hacks for you.

Five Packing Hacks to Make Summer Travel Prep a Breeze


1.   Don’t fold, roll. Many avid travelers swear by this one. If you hate it when you arrive at your destination with wrinkled clothes, get yourself out of the habit of folding. Roll your clothes instead.


2.   Keep necklaces tangle-free with straws. This is a genius little travel hack shared by and Reddit user caturday21. Avoid those annoying knots in your necklace, or your earbuds, by threading the chain through a plastic straw. For bigger chains, collect some thicker straws when you’re at coffee shops or fast-food restaurants.


3.   Carry a small portable light to avoid travel eyestrain. When you’re trying to travel light, it’s easy to offload things like book lights and travel lamps. But anyone who has strained their eyes reading in a car or working on a laptop on a dimly-lit airplane knows how handy a good travel light can be. 

For powerful travel lighting performance in a small package, take along an OttLite LED Mini Flip Lite. This space-saving, battery-powered lamp features bright natural daylight LEDs that help reduce glare and eyestrain.

You can even clip the portable light right onto the outside of your bag to save more space and keep it within reach. The small, portable design combined with high-performance LED lighting make it a perfect emergency light as well.

Have room for a larger travel lamp with more features? Check out these OttLite travel lighting options like the LED Book Light with USB or Multi-Function LED Travel Light that features an LCD display with the date, time, ambient temperature and a snooze alarm.

Whether you’re camping in a tent, reading on a plane or attending a workshop, your eyes will surely thank you for letting an eyestrain-reducing travel lamp illuminate your summer adventure.  


4.   Store phone chargers and cords in a glasses case. Have an old sunglasses case lying around? Use it to store your phone charger, earbuds or other cords. That way, they’ll be harder to lose and less likely to get tangled up in all your stuff.


5.   Save travel-sized toiletries in a ready-to-go bag. Extra shampoo in your hotel room? Take it home to save for your next trip! Make sure to grab those toothpaste samples from your dentist’s office, too.

For sample-sized skin care products, shop for beauty products when the department stores are offering bonus beauty samples. You can also request free samples of many personal care products online. Store them all in a travel bag and save a step and some cash when you’re packing for your next trip.  

Here’s to a stress-free summer of adventure!

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