How to Enhance Your Home Décor with Floor and Table Lamps

Posted by Alisha

Have you ever walked into a living room that felt uncomfortable and unwelcoming? It may have seemed dark and dated. To improve the ambiance, some might consider light neutral paint colors, modern furniture or bringing in more natural light through windows.

There’s a much simpler solution that doesn’t usually come to mind right away though: decorative lamps.

Many people don’t realize how much lighting impacts the atmosphere of a room. Changing your lighting is one of the easiest ways to update a room’s entire look and feel. Even if your room lacks windows, you still can bring in the power of natural daylight. It all comes down to choosing the right decorative lamp.

Follow these tips to improve the atmosphere of your home and illuminate your life with decorative floor and table lamps.


Guidelines for Selecting a Decorative Lamp

 1.   Choose a lamp that complements your style. One of the first things to consider when selecting a decorative lamp is the style of your room’s existing furniture and décor. Whether your home décor style is traditional, minimalist or boho-chic, a lamp powered by natural daylight LEDs that complements your furniture can make the room feel comfortable and complete. 

If you’ve outfitted your space with mid-century modern furniture – think clean lines and geometric shapes – OttLite’s Pearson LED Floor Lamp will make a statement next to your favorite reading chair. There’s a table lamp version that’s perfect for your home office, too.

Going for a more traditional or vintage look? OttLite offers a variety of decorative floor and table lamps featuring designer touches and natural daylight LEDs to beautifully balance both the décor and the lighting in your room.


2.   Select the right size for your space. Table lamps come in many shapes and sizes so you’ll have plenty of options to consider.

Select one that expresses your style but make sure it fits into your available space. Don’t put a tiny lamp on a large desk or a towering lamp on a small end table.

For maximum comfort when seated next to a lamp, make sure the bottom of the lamp shade is at eye level.

3.   Find the right spot in your room. Table lamps are perfect additions to bedside tables, desks and living room end tables. They can increase your comfort level while reading, crafting or working on focused tasks.

In the living room, consider placing a floor lamp next to one side of your couch and a table lamp on an end table at the other end.

Or add a floor lamp next to a chair in the corner of a room to create a cozy, well-lit reading spot. 


4.   Choose a lamp that is up to the task. When choosing a decorative lamp to match your style and fit your space, don’t forget to consider its intended use. The right task lamp will add value to your room in style, ambiance and functionality.

Smart table lamp features like USB charging ports, programmable alarms and LCD screens that display the date, time and ambient temperature can enhance your lighting experience.

For improved functionality, look for lamps with adjustable necks and shades that allow flexibility to direct light exactly where you need it. 

The Revive LED Floor Lamp and its matching table lamp, both part of OttLite’s Wellness Series, feature three adjustable knobs for precise positioning of light. With three brightness settings and touch-activated controls, you can enjoy even greater flexibility.


See Healthier at Home

No room is complete without adequate lighting. While style and versatility are important, the quality of the light source is essential.

 Typical LED lighting is unbalanced, which often causes eyestrain. In fact, 3 out of 4 people experience eyestrain every day. OttLite’s exclusive lighting technology is the closest to natural daylight that you can find in an LED light. The balanced, healthy lighting featured in OttLite’s Wellness Series is proven to reduce eyestrain by up to 51 percent.

With the healthiest floor and table lamps you can buy illuminating your home and enhancing your décor, you’ll see healthier and set the mood for a more comfortable home.


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