"Simple" Summer Party Lights(and bonus recipe)

Posted by Marissa

So it's the end of summer, and what better way to say our good-byes than to throw an end of summer party?  I'm all for keeping it simple so the following is a "Simple" way to decorate for whatever little gathering you might have this month..the last month of summer!

The 3 main elements for pulling a party together are:

#1. Invite fun friends! These are the people who are ready to go at a moments notice. These are the people who no matter what you do it's great. These are the go-with-the-flow people who appreciate smiling, sharing and making fond memories!

#2. Make the party an experience not just a gathering. Make something crafty (as shown) or even cook together!

You can use this innovative recycling lighting idea for just that!  Everyone can be involved and create...even the ones who "claim" they aren't creative or "artsie". I know a few of these people and have had the pleasure of proving them wrong!  If you can hold a pen and know how to cut with scissors you can create great stuff!

#3. Have some really good music in the background to set the mood...jazz for laid back occassions, rock and roll for the more adventurous group, etc... Also in this category is food. Make it really simple and have everyone bring a simple dish...make it a theme if you want to such as Luau, Mexican, Italian, etc...  I once went to a party where they asked you to bring something that starts with the letter of your fist name. Hmmm. "J"... I was stumped. I came up with the first "J" thing that came to mind. A happy delicious calorie-laden thing of course. "J" is for Jelly-filled donuts!

So have some fun with an out-of-the-box idea and get out of the hamburger and hotdog rut. Below I've also included an easy, healthy dip that anyone can make with just a few on-hand ingredients.

First let's start with the tutorial for the RECYCLED (DIXIE CUP) SUMMER LIGHTS! Best part is you only need 4 things on this supply list!


STRING LIGHTS (left over from the holidays)


SHARPIES (Enough for everyone!)


Gather your party guests (of all ages) together and give them a theme. We used the theme "Summer" and everyone wrote a memory they had about the summer, then later shared the story of that memory with each other.  You could also just "autograph" each cup with colorful lettering or draw a picture.  Tip: The more color you put into it and cover the cup with, the better it looks when they're all lit up and displayed.

SIDE NOTE: You can also use the sharpies to decorate your plastic or paper drinking cups that everyone will need. Just an after thought. We didn't do that but next time we can!

To finish it off and pull it together...Using the scissors or a sharp knife, poke a slit that looks like a small "X" on the top of the cup, (which is actually the bottom of the cup), but it's the top where your light will poke through. So basically the cups are hanging upside down. See photos:) You know what I mean...right?

Now you're done! How easy was that????

Here's the recipe I promised too...

GUACAMOLE "WITH A KICK" DIP (it's good for you too)

(If you have a big crowd double the recipe)

1 Avacado mashed up...but not too mashed..leave some texture :)

1 TBS. extra virgin olive oil, or as Rachel Rae has termed it, EVOO

1 or 2 minced garlic (use powdered if you don't have fresh)

1 lime (just the juice)

Cilantro...to taste...some people don't like alot. Use dried if you don't have fresh.

1/2 can of diced zesty tomatoes (or "Italian style" works good too).

Combine all the ingredients really well and serve with blue chips...for added  nutrition!

In closing...have a wonderful end of summer gathering and let us know how it went!  We love to hear about all your creative ideas and ways to add to ours!  Be safe and WELCOME FALL!

'Til next time...Be Inspired,

xoxo Jo






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