Pumpkin Decorating Party - with Special Guest, OttLite!

Posted by Chaya

We’re creepin’ it real this year for Halloween - by using the power of natural daylight!

Halloween brings back so many fun memories and is always the official start of my holiday season. My favorite memory growing up was carving and decorating pumpkins. Unfortunately, living in Florida it is always so hot outside! That’s why OttLite is the perfect addition to your pumpkin party. I brought natural daylight indoors this year which allowed me to see clearly, and not have to roast outside in the sun.



Pumpkins (real and/or fake)


Paint Brushes

Spray Paint

Carving Tools

A group of your pumpkin pals!


A group of my friends and I all brought our favorite supplies and eclectic styles to create our pumpkin masterpieces!

I HATE being hot, so I brought one of my favorite new lamps to the party - the Cool Breeze LED Fan Lamp. Having the illumination and the added bonus of air circulation makes it perfect for crafting.

Another must have new OttLite is the Dual Head LED Desk Lamp! With a dual head design that pivots 180 degrees (or anything in between), the Dual Head LED Desk Lamp lit up the whole crafting space.


After our crafting party was over, I was still in the Halloween spirit and decided to try my hand at these amazing pumpkins that I found in Sunset Magazine.  As always, I had to do my own twist on the project and ended up turning them into pumpkin versions of my dogs. Fortunate for me, I was able to do all of my carving inside and brought the pumpkins outside in the early evening for the spray painting part! I was worried that this project was going to be difficult because of the stacking. The instructions were super easy to follow and not to toot my own horn, but if you’ve got it, haunt it. I am so proud of my creation and I can’t wait to see your crafts. Happy Halloween!


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