Home Of Sunny Goodness

Posted by Marissa

At OttLite, from our products to our building we strive to be as earth friendly and energy efficient as possible. This year we took our commitment to the next level by moving into a new LEED certified HQ in beautiful Tampa, Florida. We all love this building and it really has made a huge difference in the workplace atmosphere. We call it the "Home of Sunny Goodness."

Some OttLite HQ Behind the Scenes Facts

-All materials used in the building come from within 500 miles of it.

-Green, Vegitated Roof

-Views to the Park & River

-Energy Efficient Lighting, Cooling & Heating

-Low Flow & Water Saving Fixtures

-Concrete Floors

In the next few weeks we will do an indoor tour so you can see and learn more about what makes us tick. We appreciate your support!


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  • Marissa 8 years 317 days ago
    Hi Elise- Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. I will be sure to pass it along to Louis. We are lucky to have such awesome customers like you :)
  • Elise Beron 8 years 318 days ago
    I've been a sewer for many, many years, and also was a schoolteacher. Having used OttLites for over 10 years + - I was heartbroken when my great floor lamp went swimming in Hurricane Katrina. Started again. Now, needing one for my computer area, I was lucky to meet Louis Oswengo via email, then swift, efficient, polite, helpful telephone call immediately after my email. Ottlite is lucky to have Louis! Congrats!