Our Favorite OttLite Lamps For Studying

Posted by Jessica

Did you know 80% of all learning occurs visually? Don't let eyestrain dim the bright days of learning ahead for your family. These study lamps from our OttLite Wellness Series all reduce eyestrain by up to 51% so you can see healthier and study smarter this school year, no matter where your learning happens.


Our favorite OttLite natural daylight lamps for studying include:

1. Shine LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. Featured in Real Simple Magazine, the Shine is a helpful, dimmable study lamp that makes it easy to direct light exactly where you need it with a flexible neck and adjustable height. With a stylish shade and a base that's equipped to wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices including the iPhone 8 and above, The Shine is a popular dorm room desk lamp or at-home study light.

2. Organize LED Desk Lamp. Ideal for a homework space, the Organize LED Desk Lamp helps you keep pencils, highlighters and other supplies handy and stay focused under comfortable, balanced light. With three brightness settings and flexible neck, this space-organizing study lamp let's you tailor natural lighting to your needs.

3. Infuse LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. If late-night work or study sessions are common for you, the Infuse LED Desk Lamp can help you stay bright-eyed. With dimmable natural daylight illumination, a flexible neck and a base that can wirelessly charge your phone, it makes study sessions more comfortable no matter how late they extend.

4. Glow LED Desk Lamp. With a base that glows in the color of your choice, your kids will enjoy reading or doing homework next to the Glow LED Desk Lamp. Parents love the Glow for its smooth, balanced healthy lighting that helps the whole family see healthier.

5. Pivot LED Desk Lamp. If you share work or study space or want natural lighting that covers a wide area, the Pivot LED Desk Lamp is a practical tool. With a dual head design that pivots to 180 degrees (or anything in between), dimmable brightness levels and 3 color modes, it allows for perfectly customized lighting.



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