Kill Germs on Phones and Surfaces with UV Cleaning

Posted by Jessica

Just how many germs are crawling on your phone and desk? One study showed that the average smartphone is covered in 25,127 bacteria per square inch. On average, people pick up their germ-covered smartphones 58 times per day.


We also spend a lot of time at germy desks. Research shows that two thirds of office workers are at risk of sickness due to dirty desks, which contain 400x more germs than a toilet seat.

Quick and easy UV disinfection can help you create a cleaner environment. Shown to kill up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi, OttLite’s new UV cleaning devices feature proven ultraviolet light disinfection technology to rapidly clean your phone and other personal items, as well as surfaces like desks, tables and even restaurant menus. Check out these new OttLite UVC disinfecting devices designed to help make your life cleaner and easier:

OttLite UVC Disinfecting Phone Case with Essential Oil Diffuser: Quickly disinfect your phone, keys and other personal items in a five-minute UV cleaning cycle powered by a USB cable. It also features an essential oil diffuser for mood-boosting aromatherapy.

OttLite UVC Disinfecting Phone Case with Wireless Charging: Kill germs with a quick 10-minute or deep 30-minute UV cleaning cycle. When you’re not using the UV cleaning feature, you can wirelessly charge your phone or enjoy aromatherapy with the built-in essential oil diffuser.

OttLite Compact Travel UVC Disinfecting Wand: Great for travel, restaurants, the office, your car and more, this pocket-sized device offers germ-killing power on the go. To use it, place the wand close to the area to be cleaned (1/2” above) and slowly move it over the surface.

OttLite Rechargeable UVC Disinfecting Wand: OttLite’s full-sized UVC Disinfecting Wand is ideal for use around your office and home, and while traveling, to quickly disinfect your space.

OttLite UVC Disinfecting Travel Case: Doubling as a zippered carrying case with a handle, this disinfecting case is perfect for cleaning and carrying your phone, cosmetics, keys, pacifiers, baby toys, money and other small personal items. To disinfect, use the USB cord (hidden in the handle) to plug into your laptop, power bank or adapter (not included) and press the button to start the 3-minute UV cleaning cycle.


Safety Note: UV light can be harmful to eyes and skin. Avoid exposure. These products are not intended to be used by children.

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