See Better and Sanitize Your Space with an OttLite Sanitizing Desk Lamp

Posted by Jessica

OttLite Purify Sanitizing LampIn a COVID world, gaining control over the cleanliness of your space is more important than ever. Now you can create a healthier workspace every time you turn on your light with an OttLite Sanitizing Desk Lamp. It’s the first and only desk lamp designed to break down harmful microorganisms at the cellular level (bacteria, fungus and mold).

Available only from OttLite, SpectraClean™ visible light disinfection has been shown to kill potentially harmful bacteria like those prevalent on mobile phones and desktops. This proven sanitizing power is now available in three desk lamp styles.

Each OttLite Sanitizing Desk Lamp also features OttLite’s exclusive ClearSun® LED technology, which is proven to reduce eyestrain by up to 51%. To customize your healthy lighting experience, each Sanitizing Desk Lamp features three brightness settings and choices of modes including ClearSun Only, ClearSun + SpectraClean, and SpectraClean Only.


The OttLite Purify LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging makes it easy to keep your phone sanitized and charged with a Qi-wireless charging stand. Phones can be charged horizontally or vertically allowing you to answer texts, watch videos and more.


The OttLite Emerge LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp is ideal for large workspaces with its adjustable height and two points of articulation. It features a convenient USB charging port and stylish details.


The OttLite Thrive LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with USB Charging combines sanitizing power with helpful features like a USB charging port, alarm and a smart digital display that shows date, day of the week and time.



OttLite Emerge Sanitizing LampOttLite Thrive Sanitizing Lamp

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