WELL+GOOD Features the OttLite Purify Sanitizing LED Desk Lamp

Posted by Jessica

We just LOVE what the health and wellness experts at WELL+GOOD had to say about the new OttLite Purify Sanitizing LED Desk Lamp and our powerful, patented SpectraClean technology.

“One of the most enticing aspects of OttLite’s desk lamp is that it disinfects as it brightens… The lamp is complete with visible light disinfection, which is a narrow band of light that suppresses the growth of bacteria, mold, fungi, and spores.”

Plus, WELL+GOOD highlighted OttLite's exclusive ClearSun LEDs that reduce eyestrain by up to 51%: “The daylight LEDs are long-lasting and emit a kind of light that can help reduce eye strain, something we’re all more susceptible to given the amount of time we spend with our devices. When your lighting reduces eye strain, that can increase comfort and productivity.”

And, as we're all working at home like never before, we thought this was just great!: “Now that many of us are a year into this work-from-home life, fully optimize your setup with a disinfecting desk lamp.”

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