Your Dorm Room Desk Needs a Sanitizing Lamp :-)

Posted by Jessica

For most college students, keeping a dorm room desk clean isn't top priority. Luckily, we have a line of Sanitizing Desk Lamps that make cleaning your study space as simple as turning on your light.

Equipped with SpectraClean™ visible light disinfection, OttLite's Sanitizing Desk Lamps have been shown to kill potentially harmful bacteria like those commonly found on mobile phones and desktops. Available exclusively from OttLite, these are the only desk lamps designed to break down bacteria, fungi and mold at the cellular level.

Sanitizing Desk Lamps can also help students focus and study more comfortably with eyestrain-reducing ClearSun® LED technology. ClearSun illuminates your study space with natural daylight lighting that is healthier for your eyes. Proven to reduce eyestrain by up to 51%, CleanSun is ideal for dorm room desk lighting. ClearSun and SpectraClean can be used together or separately and the lamps feature multiple brightness settings so you can customize your lighting to your needs.

In addition to keeping your dorm room desk sanitized, OttLite’s Sanitizing Desk Lamps can be used to keep phones clean. The Purify LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp even features a Qi-wireless charging stand to charge and sanitize your mobile phone. The charging stand accommodates vertical or horizontal charging so you can answer texts, watch videos and more.

With multiple features that help promote a healthy college lifestyle, a Sanitizing Desk Lamp from OttLite is a dorm room no-brainer.

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