Top Productivity Lamps for a Focused 2022

Posted by Jessica

Lighting can play an important role in helping you stay focused and productive in the year ahead. OttLite’s next generation ClearSun® LED technology reduces eyestrain by 51% and pairs with productivity-supporting features like wireless charging for your devices. Here are four of our favorite natural daylight productivity lamps that feature innovative technology to help support your success in the new year:


OttLite Entice LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. This sleek desk lamp features three color temperature modes (warm light, bright white and ClearSun® natural daylight) to provide the right lighting for any activity or time of day. It’s dimmable and adjustable, and folds down when not in use. Plus, it features Qi-wireless charging pad and a 5V, 2.1A USB port to help you keep your smartphones and tablets charged.



OttLite Purify LED Sanitizing Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging. With both patented SpectraClean™ and ClearSun® natural daylight technology, this innovative lamp is proven to sanitize your space and reduce eyestrain. It allows you to customize your lighting experience with three brightness settings and choice of modes including ClearSun Only, ClearSun + SpectraClean, and SpectraClean Only. Plus, you can keep your phone sanitized and charged with an integrated Qi-wireless charging stand. The stand even holds your phone at a perfect viewing angle horizontally or vertically.



Command LED Desk Lamp with Voice Assistant. This natural daylight lamp features the convenience of smart technology to customize your healthy lighting. You can use your Google Home or Amazon Alexa device to voice control your lamp including on/off, color temperature mode and brightness level. You can customize your lighting with 5 brightness settings, 3 color temperature modes, 2 points of articulation and a rotating shade. Plus, the 5V, 2.1A USB port lets you fully and quickly charge your devices.



Dual Shade LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker & USB. Featuring a built-in Bluetooth speaker, this natural daylight lamp lets you stream music wirelessly from your phone, tablet or other devices. You can also charge your devices with the lamp’s USB port. Perfect for a dorm room, bedroom or office, this speaker lamp features 3 brightness settings, 3 color modes (warm light, cool light and natural daylight), a flexible neck and two adjustable shades.




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