Living Inspired: Crafter Interview

Posted by Autumn

Living inspired is about finding a craft or hobby that “brings joy” to your life. Veterinarian and OttLite fan Cherie Buisson found that quilting is her favorite craft. She shared with us why she chose quilting, how she learned, and what was her favorite completed project.

What made you decide to start quilting? I was jealous of my mother and her snuggly rag quilt.

When did you start quilting and how did you learn? I started in 2005. My mother’s family is very big into sewing and crochet, but quilting was something my mom wanted to try.  When I saw her first quilt, I asked her to teach me.

What sort of projects do you like best? Bargello quilts and kaleidoscope quilts, because they’re so beautiful. And flannel rag quilts, because they’re so warm and inviting.

What’s your favorite of your quilts? My first Bargello quilt.

Do you craft in part of a group? We have a local group that meets once a month and has a retreat once a year.

What do you love about quilting? As a veterinarian, the only time I “finish” with my patients is when they move away or pass away.  This gave me a project I could finish on a happy note every time.  Quilting lets me be creative instead of scientific.  It’s a relief for my brain.  It’s also brought me close female friends who bring joy to my life.

What advice would you give someone who is just starting out in your craft? Start simple.  Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Take classes—it’s amazing how many little tips you’ll pick up!

Thanks for sharing, Cherie!


If you have a special craft or hobby that fills your life with joy and you’d like to share, please leave a comment here. Maybe you’ll be our next crafter interview!


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  • Carmen 6 years 363 days ago
    I enjoy making purses and bags for the my friends. I have designed a bag pattern that can be a everyday bag, gym bag and even diaper bag. I like looking for the fabrics and planning the bag making sure that the pockets inside are functional. I have been using light colored lining this help shed light on the things you just can't seem to find in the bottom of your bag. I sew with several church groups for inspiration. I make an occasional quilt top or two monthly.
  • Kris 6 years 364 days ago
    Spinning my own yarn has been soothing, occasionally money making, and I can guarantee that anything I make can NOT be bought at the local department store. Llama/silk/wool socks? Dog hair/wool hat for the kid with the cold ears? One thing I'm a bit proud of is that for the past two years, my wolf hair and wool scarves have earned goodly amounts of money for the local wolf sanctuary.
  • Louise J. Mishler 6 years 364 days ago
    In Jan of this year I committed to sew dresses for as long as I have fabric. I invited all my friends to donate fabric, buttons & thread and I would sew the dresses. To date I have sewn 440 dresses and with available fabric will go well over 500. Some of those dresses are now in Uganda and I have pictures of three girls wearing them. I use only Ottlite (3) to do that sewing.
    Louise J. Mishler