Holiday Eye Makeup Tips

Posted by Autumn

Most women have a go-to makeup routine. Maybe it’s three steps, or five, or ten, or just a quick swipe of gloss across the lips—whatever your makeup system is, the holidays are a great time to break out and experiment! With all the holiday work parties, after-work parties, family gatherings, and New Year’s Eve extravaganzas, now is the perfect time to add some pop to your look! Smoky eyes are classic, but there are also vibrant options for every eye color.

Blue: Copper, peach, orange, rust, purple, pale pink and midnight blue are all options for blue-eyed beauties.

Green: Mocha, lavender, gold, copper, chocolate brown, greens and purples make green-eyed girls the envy of everyone.

Brown: Gold, copper, champagne, apricot, hot pink, tangerine, royal blue and lime green all make beautiful brown eyes absolutely dazzling.

Hazel: The beauty of hazel eyes is you have green, brown, and gold flecks—so you can where practically any color and look fabulous!

Brown or blue, hazel or green, metallic eye shadows are a fun way to add a little sparkle this holiday season. Careful not to overload on the shimmer, or you may look more like a tin soldier than a Christmas star.

The key to your eyeshadow looking great instead of ghoulish is application. Here is a 1-2-3-easy method for applying eyeshadow:

1 Use a base color in a cream or powdered form first. It helps prime your eyelids so color is easier to blend and lasts longer. Cover your eyelid with a thin layer and blend it well into your skin.

2 Brush a light color on your lid in bold strokes from your lid to the bone of your brow. Smooth on a single layer that covers the area of skin from eyelash to brow bone well. This first color acts as a highlight.

3 Apply a slightly darker shade into the crease of your eyelid. Be delicate with the application and blend the two colors well. This creates contour and shading—not an overwhelming shadow.

A good mirror and proper lighting are essential for flawless makeup application. Shameless plug alert! Check out our Natural Makeup Mirror to really see the difference a daylight lit mirror can make in your beauty routine.

November is an ideal time to pick up makeup combination packs and eyeshadow palettes. Just like everywhere else, makeup stores have door busters and Black Friday specials. Stock up on your favorites and pick up a few extras to try something new!

Stay lovely!

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