DIY Bedroom Décor

Posted by Autumn

Maybe it’s the shorter days and longer nights, or maybe it’s pre-Spring Cleaning inspiration, but for some reason you just keep staring at your bedroom and contemplating how you’re going to afford a complete makeover. Before you break the bank to buy that bed with the aquarium headboard or the antique steamer trunk to use as an end table, check out these fun, simple and inexpensive ways to DIY-decorate your sanctuary….

Sweet Wall Art

This super-cute décor idea adds a fun, whimsical touch to any room. Imagine this wall art above a teenager’s bed, or over your own! It looks good enough to eat!



A foam rectangle, duct tape, craft sticks and an old book or magazine. Are they clues in a mystery? No, they’re all the materials you need to make this compelling wall art! This project is so customizable--you can use an old book or map instead of a magazine, or try out different colors and patterns of duct tape.

What’s Your Type

Typography is very popular right now, and this is a fun and thrifty way to cash in on this chic décor trend. You could take this idea further and spell out words with your hoops, like “sleep” or “rest,” or put your child’s initials on their wall!

All of these clever DIY projects are from Better Homes & Gardens. And they have even more on their website!

Other quick and easy ways to reinvigorate your bedroom are:

Try moving furniture around. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut, pushing furniture to the four corners of the room. Try out a few arrangements by sketching them on paper before you do the heavy lifting.

Make sure you have plenty of light in your bedroom. Before you turn the lights off and turn in for the night, it’s important to have a well-lit, inviting bedroom. If you don’t have north-facing windows, make sure you have lamps that illuminate your entire bedroom.

Change one thing. Maybe it’s painting an accent wall, or changing out that old rug for a new one, or swap out your old bedspread for a new one. Sometimes changing just one thing will refresh an entire room.


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