DIY Bathroom Décor

Posted by Autumn

It’s the room that nobody likes to talk about, but everybody wants clean and fresh. (Well, most people, anyway.) If you’re looking for a few fun DIY ways to spruce up your washroom—look no further. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorites. They’re easy, affordable, and will transform your privy into a pretty powder room!

DIY Air Freshner
from The Burlap Bag

Why spend tons of money on air fresheners that are often too strong or too sweet? You can make your own in just 2 easy steps!

What you need:
A glass container?with a lid
Baking soda
Essential oil

1. Pour baking soda into container, about 1/4 full. Pour in 8ish drops of essential oils.

2. Poke holes in lid. Alternately, you can use tin foil and poke holes in that.

Cutlery Tray Jewelry Organizer
from Mini Manor

A ridiculously cute idea! Organize your jewelry by color, by length, by costume or real. So much prettier than those plastic pocket thingies you see everywhere!

What you need:
Wooden cutlery trays
Spray paint (optional)
Rubber coated hooks
Anchor and screw (to mount tray to wall)

1. Spray paint the cutlery trays, if you like. Alternately, you can leave them plain or add a varnish. Whatever suits your décor.

2. Decide which pieces of jewelry will go where.

3. Screw in the rubber-coated hooks. Note: You may have to drill pilot holes first, depending on the type of wood.

4. Screw the tray to the wall using the anchor and screw.

TIP: Consider adding hooks on the bottom of the tray for really long necklaces.

Mason Jar Storage
from Lovely Little Details

This project is the most labor-intensive, but we think it pays for it in beauty and practicality!

What you will need:
Mason jars
A board of wood
Paint (optional, but nice to match bathroom colors)
Picture frame hangers
Some large pipe clamps

1. Paint your board to match or complement your beauty of your baño.

2. Mount your pipe clamps to the board.

3. Secure your mason jars to the board using the affixed pipe clamps.

4. Mount the board to the wall using picture frame hangers.

5. Fill with Q-tips, cosmetic sponges, cotton balls—anything you need in your boudoir that’ll fit!






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