Sweetheart Knit Valentine

Posted by Autumn

The origin of the Valentine’s Day holiday is still mostly unknown, but what we do know is that it is one of the most popular occasions for handmade gifts and cards. Just the thought of all that crafty affection sets our hearts all a-flutter! Here is just one of the super-sweet ideas we fell in love with.

Sweetheart Knit Valentine
from flax & twine

A quick confession from Autumn: I’m not a knitter (I crochet), so rather than try to decipher the step-by-steps for this project, I’m simply including the knit chart. I invite you to check out the flax & twine website for instructions.


This project has so many possibilities. Use one as a hand-knit embellishment on a card or gift; sew a few to a favorite skirt or shirt for Valentine's Day flair, or stitch two together and fill with candy! These little hearts are a fun, crafty, and easy way to add a little crafty goodness to your holiday.



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