OttLite Show & Tell Contest

Posted by Autumn

Was there ever anything more fun than Show & Tell? We can’t think of anything, so we’ve decided to bring it back with our OttLite Show & Tell Contest!

We want you to Show us what you're making and Tell us how your OttLite makes it more enjoyable. Do you quilt and love how OttLite’s 508® Illumination makes it easier to match color pieces? Are you a sewer who can see each tiny stitch because of OttLite's perfect balance of brightness and contrast? We can’t wait to see and hear what you’ve got to show and tell!

How do you get in on the Show & Tell fun? It’s easy!

  1. Shoot a 30-90 second video of your OttLite Show & Tell showing us your craft and telling us why OttLite lets you do what you love longer.

  2. Read the contest rules.

  3. Then, upload your video to YouTube and tag OttLite Technologies by February 12th.

Winners will receive a free OttLite and have their video included in a cool compilation testimonial video.

What does OttLite’s 508® Natural Daylight Illumination bring to your crafting?

Clear details

True-to-life colors

Reduced glare and eyestrain



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  • Marissa 12 years 129 days ago
    Hi Sue-
    Thanks so much for your feedback, we do appreciate it.We do have contests and giveaways frequently on our facebook page :) Please follow us as we would love to see you win one.
  • Sue Good 12 years 130 days ago
    I wish you would have contests for people who do not have a ott lite. Not everyone that would like and benefit from them can afford them. I am one of those people. My husband and I both have health problems so we spend regularly on medications. I look at ott lites when ever I see them, mostly at Joann Fabrics.
  • Marissa 12 years 141 days ago
    Hi Marlene- What a lovely compliment! You really made our day. We appreciate your support!
  • Marlene Watts 12 years 141 days ago
    I have a total of 5 Ott lights. I learned about them years ago when I worked for a quilt shop in Colorado Springs. I am in my early 70's and would be lose without them. when we moved, one thing that got broken was my bulb for my main Ott light. I actually was more upset about that than anything else that happened on the move. We had just moved to a very small town and there was no way to get a replacement bulb. I ordered two of them. When I made the order, the young woman said to be sure to call when I was ready to put the bulb in and they would walk me through the insertion process. That is real customer service. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.