Ideas For Organizing Your Crafting Tools

Posted by Marissa

“Where are the scissors? I swear a had them right here on the table!”

If you’re a crafter, this line probably sounds very familiar. Don’t worry… you’re not alone. Having a double ( sometimes even a triple) pair, doesn’t save you from the mysterious black hole that eats the tool you need at the time you most need it!

Been there, done that! That’s why I decided to post my Fave Four organization TIPS  to help your crafting experience become much smoother and without any unexpected disappearances.

1. The Good Ol’ Tackle Box: Versatile and convenient. It is capable of enclosing different  sizes and shapes of your favorite embellishments.

2. See-Through Jars: Allow you to organize things accordingly. I prefer to use them for miscellaneous stuff and organize them by colors.

3. Spin and Store Desk Lamp: Your #1 ally for long night projects. Includes 2x and3x magnifiers for precision in detail while providing amazing light. It will keep your favorite tools handy!

4. Multi-Pocket Apron: With its many pouches, this useful accessory will keep all your craft items organized and within reach.

How do you keep your craft tools organized? We are always looking for new ideas because in our experience, an organized crafter is a happy crafter :)


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  • Jennifer 12 years 156 days ago
    What a great blog