What We're Reading: I Knew You'd Be Lovely

Posted by Autumn

I Knew You'd Be Lovely
Alethea Black 

Broadway Books 

I Knew You'd Be Lovely is a brilliant collection of short stories. The true power of a short story is in its economy. You might give a novel a few chapters before you decide, I’m taking this back to the library, but short story has to grab you in the first few sentences. And it has to hold you the entire time. There is no room for chaff in a short story. Alethea Black has finely separated the chaff, spun the straw into gold, and then woven that gold into an amazing tapestry of drama, humor, and irony.

If you have ever broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, been divorced, are going through a divorce, are thinking of divorce, or your parents are divorced; if you have ever suffered heartache, loss, or angst; if you have ever longed for redemption or doubted the possibility of it--you will find a story in this book that will grab your heart in that special way only really good fiction can.

I Knew You’d Be Lovely is a collection by a young writer who writes only the truth. Her stories aren't autobiographical--they are somehow more than that. They cut through the facts and faces of an individual's life and expose, with surgical precision, the universal emotions of the human existence. Black bares her soul in every story, and in doing so she touches your heart.

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