DIY Daisy Cupcakes

Posted by Marissa

Kids love cupcakes! They are always fun to bake and decorate, and off course, a perfect treat for a hot summer day.

My daughter is always begging me to bake some for her and these daisy cupcakes have turned out to be her favorite. Make sure to start building the edible flower decorations one day before the cupcakes are to be enjoyed.

You will need:

1 daisy cookie cutter

1 mini round cutter

2 Tbsp Granulated Sugar

1/2 pound of Gumpaste

Water in a cup: for finger dipping.

Food coloring

2 Snack-sized zip bags

Cornstarch for dusting

12 cupcakes baked in colored liners

Take a small piece of gumpaste the size of a ping pong ball. Start by adding your favorite tone of food coloring to the gumpaste to use for the daisy centers. Put it aside in a closed snack bag.

Add the same color to the granulated sugar, blend well and set aside in a small plate.

Roll out colored gumpaste and cut 12 circles with the mini round cutter. Set aside in a tray dusted with cornstarch. You may choose to cut two or three extra circles in case they break or get damaged. Now color  the remaining gumpaste the color you wish.

Roll out  and cut 24 daisies with the cookie cutter, plus any extras you wish to have.

Set aside in tray dusted with cornstarch and allow to set while you work on the next step.

Take the flower centers and use your finger to slightly wet their tops with water, then sprinkle generously with the colored granulated sugar. Allow to set and dry for approximately half an hour.

Moisten your finger with water and touch the bottom of the flower center. Place flower center in the middle of the daisy. Repeat this step with the 12 centers. Now assemble another daisy beneath the main daisy for greater texture and let dry overnight.  ( This step is optional. You can also leave them with only one layer).

Ready? Ice your cupcakes with your desired icing and top them off with the beautiful gumpaste daisies you created!



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  • Rashil 11 years 169 days ago
    Joanne: You can use the SK florist paste too. If you would like to paint, you can do it with dry food podewrs or mix the podewrs with drops of clear alcohol. The alcohol will evaporate quick so the liquid will not soften the paste. If your decorations have dried long (1 week or more) it will take some time before they go soft in the BC. I like to use plain sugar paste (rolled fondant) kneaded with small amounts of tylo powder. This will also help to make strong decorations but if going on BC they will take some of the moisture and get a little soft but still hold the shape. It's close to be the same as florist paste because they both have a gum agent Use 300 gr. Of sugar paste to 1-2 tsp of tylo powder. Color the paste first, then add the tylo powder.