Glass Jar Terrarium

Posted by Autumn

Delight children--and grown-ups--with these easy-to-make terrariums. Making one can be a great Earth Day activity, and the lovely greenery will continue to please all year long. For best results, stop by your local garden center or florist shop to pick up the charcoal, moss, soil, and tiny plants.

Glass Jar Terrarium

What You Need:
Glass jars (You can recycle glass jars from your kitchen goods.)
Horticultural charcoal
Potting soil
Clump Moss
Other tiny plants, like orchids or Pilea (optional)
Spray bottle with water

1. Wash and dry the glass jar thoroughly.

2. Cover the bottom of the jar with horticultural charcoal and then a layer of potting soil no more than 1-inch thick.

3. Add the tiny plants (optional), then the clump moss. Make sure that any leaves, petals, or stems do not touch the glass.

4. Spritz inside the jar twice with water, then place the lid on the jar.

Note: Keep your terrarium in a spot with diffuse light. If too much condensation forms, give the terrarium less light or remove the lid for 2 hours.



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