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Four Easy Ways to Help Your Eyes Age Well

Posted by Jessica
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September is Healthy Aging Month. It's a perfect time to start some new positive habits that can help you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. Since an important part of aging well is seeing well, focus on these four simple habits to help maintain good eye health as you age:  1. Eat colorful, nutrient-rich foods. Vitamins and minerals with antioxidant functions have been shown to prevent age-related eye diseases. Choose plenty of dark green and brightly-colored fruits and vegetables to reap [Read More...]

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Top Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthier Home Office

Posted by Jessica
How can you spring clean your home office to increase productivity and promote wellness? Follow these four steps to a healthier office environment:  1. Ban clutter. Messy, cluttered workspaces overstimulate our senses making us feel distracted, anxious and overwhelmed. Piles of paper can be your worst stress-inducing enemy. Tackle those first. 2. Bring in some greenery. Researchers in Japan recently found that looking mindfully at a small desk plant for three minutes can significantly reduce [Read More...]

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Power Through Your Day with a Wireless Charging Desk Lamp

Posted by Jessica
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Want a more convenient way to charge your phone while you work at your desk? We've got a lamp for that.  Create a healthier and more productive workspace this year with a Wireless Charging LED Desk Lamp from the OttLite Wellness Series. These wireless charging lamps are available in a variety of styles and all are equipped with a Qi charging pad to wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices including the iPhone 8 and above. Each lamp also provides a healthier way to see and work with OttLite’s [Read More...]

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How Our Vision Helps Yours

Posted by Jessica
Why did we develop lighting that comes as close to the natural spectral output of the sun as possible?How does our vision to bring the power of natural daylight indoors help your vision? The answer lies in something 3 out of 4 people experience each and every day: EYESTRAIN. Most of us don't even realize that our lighting is part of the problem. Typical LED lighting is unbalanced, which forces your eyes to work hard to fill in the gaps. Knowing that eyes work best and experience less eyestrain [Read More...]

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Our Top 5 Wellness Lamps to Gift This Holiday Season

Posted by Jessica

Want to give the gift of healthy lighting this holiday season but not sure which OttLite Wellness Series lamp to choose? Here are a few of our favorite natural light desk lamps that all reduce eyestrain by up to 51% with ClearSun LED technology:  1. The Shine LED Desk Lamp. Featured in both Real Simple and Woman's World, The Shine LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging is ideal for a work or study lamp.  2. The Glow LED Desk Lamp. A 2019 National Parenting Products Award Winner, The Glow LED Desk [Read More...]

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Glamour Magazine Selects OttLite for Best Lighted Makeup Mirror Article

Posted by Jessica
We LOVE the new OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror and are beyond excited that Glamour Magazine is loving it too!!!Always on-trend and at the forefront of fashion, Glamour Magazine selected the OttLite mirror and named it: "Best for Magnification". in their article Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors Actually Worth Your MoneyHere's what they had to say: Best for Magnification: OttLite Wireless Charging LED Makeup Mirror I don’t think I’ve ever seen my face this close-up—and I tweeze my eyebrows [Read More...]

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How Natural Lighting Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Posted by Jessica
From making makeup application easier to boosting your mood, natural lighting can be a game changer for your beauty and self-care routines. That's one of the many reasons we LOVE the new OttLite Wireless Charging Makeup Mirror. It provides OttLite's ClearSun LED illumination -- as close to natural daylight as you can get!  Here's how natural daylight takes pampering yourself to the next level:  1. Natural daylight lighting makes makeup application easier and prevents mistakes while showing true [Read More...]

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Woman's World Showcases New Wireless Charging OttLite Lamp

Posted by Jessica
The team at Woman's World included the new OttLite Shine LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging in their "Win Big at!" Section. Here's what they had to say:  "OttLite Technologies, Inc. worked with a team of researchers and lighting engineers to create this new proprietary light source that is as close to the spectral output of the sun as possible. The OttLite ClearSun® LED is shown to reduce eyestrain by 51% making your time spent reading and working on the computer more [Read More...]

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Set Your Internal Clock for Better Sleep with These Tips

Posted by Jessica
Circadian rhythms are biological, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle and respond to light and darkness within your environment. It’s like your internal clock. When we are deprived of natural daylight, our brain’s chemistry is affected and our circadian rhythm is thrown off.    For better sleep and health, help your body optimize its circadian rhythm sleep-wake cycle with these tips:1. Increase daylight exposure during the dayBright light stimulates hormones and [Read More...]

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Posted by Jessica
The OttLite Command LED Desk Lamp with Voice Assistant was selected as #1 in an article on titled, 10 useful gadgets for the modern office in the Innovation section.  Here’s what reporter John Brandon had to say:1. OttLite Command Desk LampThe key feature on this desk lamp is that the light imitates actual sunlight, which is easier on the eyes and reduces strain throughout the day. If you don’t quite like the color temp, you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to change it by [Read More...]

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