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Have an Egg-cellent Easter!

Posted by Chaya C
Egg-cellent Easter.jpg 
Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Growing up my favorite thing to do was run around the yard and gather up all of the Easter eggs.  Now as I am older, it is just as fun to hide them for others to find!This year I decided to make an Easter Egg Banner project that I discovered on Michael's website.  I may not be a craft guru, but I still had a blast making it... even though some of my eggs look more like squished blobs of yarn. Materials:Disposable CupsPaper PlateGlue GunGlue [Read More...]

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What inspires Brad Kohlbrecher- The Fly Tyer?

Posted by Chaya C
Brad Kohlbrecher Headshot.jpg 
We were lucky enough to connect with the fly tying extraordinaire, Brad Kohlbrecher. Brad belongs to the fly fishing group, Ozark Fly Fishers, who are based in Missouri. The club meets at least once a month to discuss topics related to fly fishing, fly tying, and the conservation of local waters. They host numerous events each year. Their latest one is an annual banquet and auction, where all proceeds will go towards funding guest speakers, conservation programs and educational programs for the [Read More...]

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DIY Coasters make the perfect holiday gift!

Posted by Chaya C
DIY Coasters.jpg 
I recently went to the store to buy myself a new set of coasters...  However when I looked at the price on what I thought to be a cheap set, I quickly changed my mind.  What is the point of buying an overpriced unoriginal set, when you could just make your own fabulous ones?  So I did.I decided to make a cute set I found on Jo-ann's website, but of course, I modified the project and did it my way.  The final product turned out the same, I just forgot to buy some materials (like always) and was [Read More...]

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Dual-Sided Task Lamp -- Twice the Fun!

Posted by Chaya C
Dual Sided Task Lamp.jpg 
This craft lamp makes projects twice the fun!Do you have a huge project to do? Love to craft with a friend? Or just want an extra burst of illumination? If the answer to any of these questions is a yes, than our new 26w Dual-Sided Task Lamp is sure to be your new best friend.This task lamp is a double threat — two lamps in one! You can illuminate your instructions in one spot and your project in another. Feel free to spread out and see everything clearly. Or, grab a friend and share. There’s [Read More...]

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What inspires Mary Anne Radmacher -- Inspirational Apronary?

Posted by Jessica
Mary Anne Radmacher is an inspiring apronary whose words and art dance with movement and meaning. What’s an apronary you ask? Read on to find out. This cool term might apply to you, too! So much of your work is a mixture of words and art. Which comes first – the words or the art?As in most relationships, it’s not 100 percent either way. They (words and art) are in a relationship with each other, though they emerge from two different parts of me.When I write, most of the time my work and words [Read More...]

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A handmade card for your Sweetie!

Posted by Jennifer

Why wait until next Valentine's Day to tell someone you think they're sweet? Tell them any time with this cupcake-themed card.The color scheme for this project was really driven by the envelope I selected. I made sure to use my OttLite Folding Task Lamp ***shameless plug*** when selecting the card stock so that all of the colors were complimentary.After I established the size of the card and cut the window opening for the cupcake drawing, I traced the window size onto my drawing paper. Then I [Read More...]

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Why so SAD?

Posted by Autumn

For many, the season of snow, ice and freezing cold is a welcome treat. A winter wonderland full of snowmen, icicles, and hand-knit scarves. For others, it is a months-long battle with fatigue, irritability and depression.It’s kind of like the difference between this…and this…Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as the Winter Blues, is a kind of depression that occurs at certain times of the year, usually during winter. (Go figure.)SAD often affects people who live in climates with long [Read More...]

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508 Technology Explained: Part Three

Posted by Autumn

If you missed our first two installments, click here for Part One, and here for Part Two.Part 3: OttLite designs a better light bulbSo now we know the 3 characteristics of a perfect light bulb: • Good s/p ratio, including scotopically rich area of the spectrum • high CRi (true-white light) • CCT close to natural sunlightAll compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) have a CCT close to natural sunlight, but they do not always have a true-white light. And very few of them include the scotopically rich area [Read More...]

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508 Technology Explained: Part Two

Posted by Autumn

If you missed last week's installment of 508 Technology Explained, click here.Part Two: But wait, there's more...Last week we learned what light is and how our eyes perceive it. But, the scotopic/photopic sensitivity ratio (s/p) isn’t the end-all be-all of proper lighting. There is also Color Temperature (CT) and Color Rendering (CRi) to consider.Color Temperature The CT of a light is the calculated measurement relating the color of a light source to the temperature of a Black Body Radiator. [Read More...]

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508 Technology Explained: Part One

Posted by Autumn

Ever wonder what makes OttLite lighting superior to the competition? Well, wonder not! This 3-part blog series is going to tell you all you need to know about OttLite’s 508® Natural Daylight Illumination.The science behind our 508® Natural Daylight Illumination starts not with our unique blend of rare-earth phosphors, or the tiny dot of mercury found in all CFL bulbs, or even the sun. It all starts with the human eye. In order to develop the perfect light, our scientists first had to understand [Read More...]

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