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Reading Lamps

Posted by Marcea

High quality reading lamps are a must for those with visual impairments. OttLite has a large selection of desk, table and floor lamps to desktop lamps and high intensity magnifying lamps.OttLite’s lamps for reading make reading and working an easier and more pleasurable experience. We also carry a large variety of replacement bulbs.OttLite reading lamps provide the perfect balance of brightness and contrast created by our 508 technology literally makes OttLite a sight for sore eyes.Our lamps for [Read More...]

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The Coolest Back-to-School Lamps

Posted by Marissa

The new school year is just around the corner, and if you are looking for energy efficient and green lighting, this list of super functional back-to-school lamps can help you get ready while saving natural resources.Check them out!The Learning Light:Its name says it all! This lamp will truly “enlighten” you to learn. Give it a personal touch by adding the cool stickers it comes with, or leave it plain! Enjoy less heat emission and keep your study space comfy.The Ottlite:Super sleek design with [Read More...]

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