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Mixed Media Holiday Gift Tags

Posted by Marcea
Xmas Tags.jpg 
One of the best things about the holidays is giving (and receiving!) gifts. When you’re using a store bought tag though sometimes the space is too small, especially if it’s a group gift. The solution? Make your own gift tags. I was inspired to create these holiday gift tags after taking OttLite Ambassador Marjie Kemper’s Craftsy class on mixed media effects.  In her classes, Marjie shows you how to use paper, stamps, stencils and a variety of other elements to make scrapbook pages, photo pages [Read More...]

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Thankful Napkins from Flamingo Toes

Posted by Marcea
Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 4.05.35 PM.png 
(Images courtesy of Ambassador Beverly McCollough is sharing a meaningful and creative way to celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Here’s Bev:I try to keep our Thanksgiving table setup pretty simple. I have to cook and since the table will full of yummy food, it’s easier to keep things from getting too crowded on the table. One way to dress up the table is with cloth napkins so to help celebrate the season and keep gratitude top of mind for all of us, I [Read More...]

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Washi Tape Candles from Crafty Chica

Posted by Marcea
Washi Tape Candles1.png 
Looking for a fun craft to tackle for the upcoming Fall months? OttLite Ambassador Kathy Cano-Murillo, aka Crafty Chica, has a simple DIY craft to turn your ordinary candles into Washi Tape Happiness Candles! Here's Kathy: I became addicted to washi tape and started gathering rolls and rolls in my studio. I especially love the ones with wonderful, uplifting affirmations. After a while I started thinking that if I really love the meanings of the phrases, I should be sharing and showing them off! [Read More...]

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Custom Back To School Laundry Bags

Posted by Marcea
With summer in full swing and back-to-school approaching, a laundry bag is a must have in some households. It’s easy to make a DIY laundry bag and create a one-of-a-kind item just for your camper or college student. Materials Canvas Laundry Bag (I used the medium sized one) Fabric Spray Paint Stencil Multi-Purpose Adhesive Paint Tape InstructionsTake your stencil and lay it out where you’d like on your laundry bag. We used a Statue of Liberty stencil from our OttLite Ambassador [Read More...]

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Mod Podge Photo Transfer Tote Bag

Posted by Marcea
Finished bag.jpg 
After a recent family vacation, I had lots of pictures from our trip and was wondering what I could do with them besides just put them in frames. I searched around a little and found a great, inexpensive craft – a Mod Podge photo transfer tote bag!Materials Canvas Bag Digital File of Photo Printer Mod Podge Photo Transfer Foam Brushes Scissors Mod Podge Satin (optional) InstructionsTake the digital file you have of your photo and print it out on your home printer. If you [Read More...]

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DIY Glass Etching

Posted by Marcea
 Glass etching is an art form that removes small pieces of glass and gives the impression left the look of frosted glass.  It's a great way to put a logo or design on a glass to help set it apart. You can even etch a mirror to help spice up your home decor.  MaterialsDrinking glassesStencils Etching CreamFoam BrushesRubbing Alcohol InstructionsClean the area of the drinking glass that you’re putting the stencil on with rubbing alcohol.  Let dry.  Apply your stencil to the glass and then use a [Read More...]

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DIY Pallet Painting Party

Posted by Marcea
2016-07-22 16.55.23.jpg 
Pallet painting parties are a fun way to spend time with friends and make some DIY home decorations.  Some of us from the OttLite team had our own pallet party and wanted to show you how simple it is. MaterialsPalletBase paint for pallet  Paint for lettering Vinyl or laminate for a stencil Painting spongePaintbrush or foam brush Painters tape (optional) Mod Podge (optional)  InstructionsPick a pallet that you’d like to use and stain it to create a base for your sign. Let the base dry. Decide [Read More...]

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Thanksgiving Embroidery & Appliqué Hoop

Posted by Marcea
Finished Fabric Cut.jpg 
When we did our What Inspires interview for this month with Beverly McCullough, we spoke to her about her love of embroidery.  Beverly generously offered to create a Thanksgiving embroidery pattern just for OttLite and we thought it would make a great craft!  Beverly has made a corresponding pattern that she posted on her blog Flamingo Toes so be sure to check it out. Materials 7” wood embroidery hoop 10” x 10” fabric for background Felt or fabric for the pieces of the turkey [Read More...]

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Carving & Decorating a Craft Pumpkin for Halloween

Posted by Marcea
2016-10-19 21.24.33.jpg 
Do you love carved pumpkins but either don’t want to deal with the mess of a real pumpkin or (like me) live in a hot climate where if you did carve a pumpkin it wouldn’t last more than 6 days?  Well you can still enjoy pumpkin carving and decoration – with a craft pumpkin!  Craft pumpkins come in a variety of sizes and colors which gives you many options.  We carved and drew on our craft pumpkins and here's how we did it:Materials ·  Craft Pumpkin(s) (Michaels has a great selection)·  Pumpkin [Read More...]

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Sewing A Homemade Baby Blanket

Posted by Marcea
Baby Blanket - sewing.jpg 
There’s not much more exciting than a new baby! New babies need lots of things, including plenty of blankets. Blankets are also great for new moms to keep in the car or diaper bag – you never know when baby will need to be changed or take a nap! I found a great tutorial online from Sugglebug University on how to make a baby blanket with handles.  I had a friend who had just had a baby so, with a few slight modifications from the original pattern, I decided to try my hand at sewing one [Read More...]

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