Sew Along With Suede

Posted by Marissa

If you haven't heard of Suede you are in for a treat. Suede is the super fun and fashionable designer who has created some of the freshest patterns for men and women under his Suede Says line which you can check out at his site or in great fabric/craft stores near you.Today (1/24) Suede is starting his first ever  SEWAlong which goes through Valentines Day. Even better, a portion of the proceeds from the pattern sales fo to Keep A Child Alive Organization. Check out the below message from Suede [Read More...]

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DIY Bathroom Décor

Posted by Autumn

It’s the room that nobody likes to talk about, but everybody wants clean and fresh. (Well, most people, anyway.) If you’re looking for a few fun DIY ways to spruce up your washroom—look no further. We’ve pulled together a few of our favorites. They’re easy, affordable, and will transform your privy into a pretty powder room!DIY Air Freshnerfrom The Burlap Bag Why spend tons of money on air fresheners that are often too strong or too sweet? You can make your own in just 2 easy steps!What you [Read More...]

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Living Inspired: Lawrence Scaduto

Posted by Autumn

Lawrence Scaduto makes a lot of things. He is mostly known as the man behind Ohnoho, a Brooklyn-based guitar effect pedal store. In addition to making things to make music, he is also a musician himself, as well working in video production. And he cuts his own hair.What made you decide to hand-craft guitar effects pedals?There’s a certain affliction common to many musicians called GAS: Gear Acquisition Syndrome. The most common symptom? Creating eBay saved searches for rare audio equipment.... [Read More...]

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DIY Bedroom Décor

Posted by Autumn

Maybe it’s the shorter days and longer nights, or maybe it’s pre-Spring Cleaning inspiration, but for some reason you just keep staring at your bedroom and contemplating how you’re going to afford a complete makeover. Before you break the bank to buy that bed with the aquarium headboard or the antique steamer trunk to use as an end table, check out these fun, simple and inexpensive ways to DIY-decorate your sanctuary….Sweet Wall ArtThis super-cute décor idea adds a fun, whimsical touch to any [Read More...]

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Why so SAD?

Posted by Autumn

For many, the season of snow, ice and freezing cold is a welcome treat. A winter wonderland full of snowmen, icicles, and hand-knit scarves. For others, it is a months-long battle with fatigue, irritability and depression.It’s kind of like the difference between this…and this…Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as the Winter Blues, is a kind of depression that occurs at certain times of the year, usually during winter. (Go figure.)SAD often affects people who live in climates with long [Read More...]

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Living Inspired: Anna Hrachovec

Posted by Autumn

Anna Hrachovec is a knitted toy designer and author of two books, Knitting Mochimochi and Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi. She launched her own website, Mochimochi Land, in September of 2007. Her quirky knitted creations have been featured on The Martha Stewart Show and exhibited in galleries worldwide. We asked Anna about what inspired her to create her super-cute and strange mochimochi toys.What inspired you to start knitting? How did you learn? I first learned to knit when I was a high school exchange [Read More...]

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DIY Holiday Decorations

Posted by Autumn

The presents are wrapped, the holiday cards are in the mail and the fruitcake from your boss is safely hidden in the freezer. The holiday season has a lot of DIY and crafty projects to offer, and here are a few more you might like to try. Don’t worry, none of them involve fruitcake! Film Canister Holiday LightsThis craft comes to us from our peeps at Photojojo. The upcycled film-canister lights make great Christmas decorations, but would also look great around a patio or porch banister any time [Read More...]

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Mitten Commitment Wrap-up

Posted by Autumn

The first-ever Mitten Commitment was a huge success, and we couldn't have done it without you! We received mittens from just about everywhere...even as far away as Finland! We received hundreds of mittens, and you shared with us that even more mittens were donated in honor of the Mitten Commitment to local charities all over the country. The Salvation Army was thrilled to include your handmade mittens in gift baskets to be delivered to needy families.As mittens came into our office, they quickly [Read More...]


508 Technology Explained: Part Three

Posted by Autumn

If you missed our first two installments, click here for Part One, and here for Part Two.Part 3: OttLite designs a better light bulbSo now we know the 3 characteristics of a perfect light bulb: • Good s/p ratio, including scotopically rich area of the spectrum • high CRi (true-white light) • CCT close to natural sunlightAll compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) have a CCT close to natural sunlight, but they do not always have a true-white light. And very few of them include the scotopically rich area [Read More...]

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Living Inspired: Interview with Jessica Partain

Posted by Autumn

Jessica Partain is co-founder of Inedible Jewelry. Since she was a child, she's been fascinated with polymer clay and miniature food. She shared her passion for mini food-themed jewelry in her book, The Polymer Clay Cookbook (Potter Craft, 2009). She's also a big fan of OttLite's 508 Natural Daylight Illumination. We asked her about her tiny treats and what inspired her to start whipping up wearable food.When did you start your craft? Who taught you?I started sculpting miniature foods when I was [Read More...]


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