How to Enhance Your Home Décor with Floor and Table Lamps

Posted by Alisha
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Have you ever walked into a living room that felt uncomfortable and unwelcoming? It may have seemed dark and dated. To improve the ambiance, some might consider light neutral paint colors, modern furniture or bringing in more natural light through windows. There’s a much simpler solution that doesn’t usually come to mind right away though: decorative lamps. Many people don’t realize how much lighting impacts the atmosphere of a room. Changing your lighting is one of the easiest ways to update a [Read More...]

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Easy To Make Galaxy Shirt

Posted by Marcea
Galaxy Shirt3.JPG 
Summer means a lot of things but one big part of summer for many kids is summer camp. If you’ve ever sent a child to camp, you know that you’re not supposed to have them wear new clothes. And if you’ve ever picked a kid up from camp you know why! Of course you don’t want to send the kids in clothes with holes or rips, but what to do? Why not making galaxy shirts with the kids – easier than tie-dying, these shirts will help hide any dirt or grim that camp sends home. Materials Plain black cotton [Read More...]

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Celebrate Daylight Appreciation Day on June 21

Posted by Alisha
Hello, summer! Most of us celebrate the summer solstice for the warmer weather and long, sunny days it brings. But did you know the first day of summer is also celebrated as Daylight Appreciation Day?In the northern hemisphere, the first day of summer is the longest day of the year in terms of hours of sunlight. We get more daylight on this day than any other day of the year. So, if we’re going to celebrate daylight, the summer solstice is the perfect time to do it.Daylight Appreciation Day is [Read More...]

Packing Hacks for Your Summer Trips

Posted by Alisha
Are vacations the highlight of your summer? If you’re like me, once a trip is on the calendar, you impatiently count the days until your departure.But when a summer trip nears and it’s time to get packing, it’s easy to procrastinate or get caught up with last-minute errands. When you do get around to packing, you want to travel light, but you usually end up overpacking.Am I right?Whether you often find yourself frantically packing a messy, unorganized suitcase at the last minute or you’re just [Read More...]

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The Great American Read

Posted by Marcea
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According to Pew Research, 73% of Americans say they’ve read at least one book in the past year. If you’re one of those people, have you watched The Great American Read? An eight part series on PBS, The Great American Read goes through 100 beloved fictional novels and talks about each book and its author.  There’s also an opportunity for viewers to vote every day on their favorite books. PBS will narrow down the votes every few months until they have a list of the top books loved by Americans [Read More...]

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DIY Camera Strap

Posted by Marcea
Full Image - Braided Camera Strap_edited.JPG 
My daughter is a bit of a photography buff. She uses the DSLR camera my dad had and carries it with her when we go on adventures. She's only 9 but very creative so I wanted to try to make her a distinctive camera strap to use with the camera. After looking around, I found this fun camera strap project from Teva and Leah Duncan.  As you can see from their pictures, the clips fit directly onto their camera. Unfortunately my daughter’s camera has very thin slots to hold a cord at the end of the [Read More...]

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How to Reduce Eyestrain from Screen Time

Posted by Alisha
Millenial at computer on smartphone.jpeg 
Do you spend most of your day behind a computer screen? Do you frequently strain your eyes reading tiny text on your smartphone and other digital devices?Do your eyes often itch, burn or feel fatigued or sore during or after screen time? These are telltale eyestrain warning signs.Eye muscles are already the most active muscles in the human body. Add screen time to the high pressure they are under and it’s no wonder that three out of four people experience eyestrain every day.Staring at screens [Read More...]

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Wellness Series Lamps Featured on WXIA Atlanta & Company

Posted by Marcea
Renew_countertop with pen.jpg 
Spring is the perfect time to clean up your surroundings and make some changes in your lifestyle. Don’t forget to review your household lighting! Rachael Brandeis spoke with WXIA’s Atlanta & Company about why lighting is just as important for your body as cleaning up your diet. Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans suffer from daily eyestrain? The OttLite Wellness Series lamps are the only lamps that were built with eye health in mind and help reduce your eyestrain by 51%. The propriety LEDs are as [Read More...]

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DIY Upcycle Magnets

Posted by Marcea
Ever come across a book that has water damage or some tattered comic books at a garage sale and wonder how they could be salvaged? How about upcycling them and making magnets? It's a simple, quick craft that you can put a personalized touch on. Materials Comics, old books or photos Mod Podge Glass Domes Mod Podge Satin   Brush X-acto knife ½” magnets E6000 glueInstructionsTake your comic, old book or photo and put one of the glass domes on top of the area that you'd like [Read More...]

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Earth Month: Small Changes You Can Make To Help Protect The Planet

Posted by Alisha
How often do you stop and think about your impact on planet Earth? The choices we make every day are reflected in the world around us.Because caring for our planet shouldn’t be confined to only Earth Day (April 22), the entire month of April has been designated as Earth Month. Earth Month reminds us of our impact on the environment and inspires us to take action to protect and restore our planet for future generations.In honor of Earth Month, we’ve rounded up a list of simple ways you can do [Read More...]

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