What to Look for in LED Lighting

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Intelligent Design

OttLite engineers consider a variety of factors when developing a new LED product; How will the lamp be used, Who will be using it, How much light output is necessary, etc. It's these considerations that then influence the technical design of the product, including:
  • Diffusers and filters that evenly distribute single point LEDs into smooth, continuous light while reducing glare
  • Smart LED placement on circuit boards for optimal light distribution

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LED Performance

Superior performing LEDs are at the heart of every OttLite LED product. High quality LEDs are essential to achieving consistent color temperature, sufficient lumen output, and ensure a long product life. OttLite LED products provide consistent quality you can depend on.
  • OttLite uses high quality LEDs that provide a superior visual expereince
  • Based on lamp height and design, OttLite engineers specify maximum lumen output to achieve ideal brightness levels

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Natural Daylight

We LOVE OttLite natural daylight lighting for seeing everything clearly and comfortably. Some OttLite LED products also include other color temperature settings such as warm light and cool light. OttLite LED lighting is expertly engineered to bring the quality of natural daylight indoors.

  • OttLite LEDs produce 5000°K light – the same as natural daylight
  • Shows details clearly & colors accurately
  • Some OttLite LED products feature multiple color temperature settings (warm, cool and natural daylight)

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Innovative Features

Features designed for practical use and versatility for everyday life are a big part of what makes an OttLite LED lamp... well, an OttLite. Each lamp has specific features, some with many, some for specialized purposes -- all designed to provide actual benefits.
  • Thoughtfully designed for a great user experience
  • Features include flexible necks, USB charging ports, touch control, dimmer adjustments, various color temperature settings, optical-grade magnifiers and more

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USB Ports (5V, 2.1A)

Devices that charge via USB are a staple of modern living. Our engineers have cleverly integrated top quality 5V, 2.1A USB charging ports into many OttLite LED lamps, allowing you to quickly and fully charge the latest devices.

  • Not all USB charging ports are equal. Some only trickle charge
  • Tablets, phones and other smart devices require 5V, 2.1A to ensure a quick, full charge

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  OttLite LED lamps use high quality power adaptors that properly regulate electrical variations and spikes. The result is consistent, flicker-free lighting

Safety &

  OttLite meets California’s strict standards as part of Title 20. OttLite LED products are ETL certified for the lamp and adaptor to ensure safety and performance.

Energy Efficient

  OttLite LED Lighting is energy efficient and rated to last 40,000 hours. To put it in perspective, if used for 3 hours a day, it will last for over 35 years!


  OttLite LED Lamps come in a variety of styles & sizes, to help you see clearly and comfortably. Styles include Floor Lamps, Table Lamps, Magnifier Lamps, & many others