LED 101

With our OttLite LED lighting, we continue to bring the power of natural daylight indoors! Our LED desk and table lamps are specially developed to meet our strict standards for color temperature, brightness and light output to bring you the ultimate LED lighting experience.

Plus, we add smart, innovative features with things like:

  • High quality diffusers provide smooth, uniform lighting 
  • Flexible designs to work perfectly in your space 
  • Dimmability to adjust the light levels 
  • USB ports to charge tablets and smartphones 
  • Calendar and alarms to keep you on track 
  • Portable options for lighting on the go 
  • Touch activated switches 
  • Multiple color temps – always including natural daylight, of course!

Find out what to look for in LED Lighting






Discover the wide variety of OttLite LED lighting options, each intuitively designed with smart features and styles to match the way you work, play, travel and live.



What does LED stand for? 

Light emitting diode. 


Are more LEDs better? 

More is not always better! We design each OttLite LED lamp to provide: 

  • the right amount of illumination 
  • configured in a way that creates an ample area of illumination on your workspace 

We select high quality LEDs, arrange them to maximize light output, and add high-quality diffusers to properly and uniformly distribute the light. The result is light output without hot spots or shadows. 


What are lumens and what is considered a good lumen output? 

Lumens are a measure of how much light you are getting from a light source. When we design and OttLite lamp, we make sure the lumen output produces a great visual experience for our customers. The biggest factors that come into play are the size of the lamp, the size of the light output area and how the lamp will be used. We measure the distance from the workspace to the LEDs and determine what the best amount of lumens will be – not overpoweringly bright or too dim. 


What do you mean by "color temperature"?

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K), which tells you what the light output will look like -- warm light, cool light, daylight -- so you can choose the best light for your space and activity. OttLite LED lighting provides natural daylight illumination measuring approximately 5000K. OttLite natural daylight illumination is perfect for seeing colors accurately and details clearly!