• Exclusive LED Technology

• Matches Sun's Spectral Output

• CRI of 97

For use where visual acuity, color matching, daylight simulation and productivity are critical



Increase comfort, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Value added feature for tenants


Ideal for dermatology, diagnostic, patient treatment areas to see true skin tones and details


Studies show students thrive under natural daylight. Increase alertness, focus, and mood


Create welcoming, vibrant spaces. Show colors true to life. Ideal for reception areas & conference spaces

ClearSun® LED Ceiling Panels

Available in 2' x 2' and 2' x 4'

The new OttLite ClearSun® LED Panel light is designed with superior color rendering (CRI of 97) making it ideal for areas where color matching, daylight simulation, productivity and visual acuity are critical – healthcare, office, hospitality and educational environments.

  • Exclusive lighting technology
  • Balanced spectral output similar to natural daylight
  • Reduces eyestrain and glare
  • Long-life LED system rated for 50,000 hours
  • LM-80 tested
  • Available in 4000K
  • Minimum CRI of 97

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The Link Between Daylight Spectrum and Wellness

For years lighting has been evaluated based on lumen output, CRI, and CCT. New studies* reveal that the spectral output of the light can play a critical role in both visual and non-visual functions.

The study highlights the connection between lighting with a spectral output similar to the sun -- like OttLite's ClearSun LED -- and the optimal performance of the body’s circadian rhythms, which are responsible for alertness, cognitive performance, hormonal secretion and sleep.

Standard LED

• Unbalanced light wavelength

• Harsh blue spike

• Causes glare and eyestrain

Natural Daylight

• Balanced light wavelength

• Proven to be the healthiest light

• Least eyestrain and glare

ClearSun® LED

• Balanced light wavelength

• Closest to natural daylight

• Reduced eyestrain and glare

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          *Effects of daylight LED on visual comfort, melatonin, mood, waking performance and sleep

         C Cajochen et al., Published in the Journal of Lighting Research & Technology, January 11, 2019