Lighting for a Healthy Life

Having the right light is an important part of living a healthy life. You take in over 80% of information through your eyes. And, light doesn’t just affect your vision … it can affect your mood, energy levels and more! Below is some quick info on light and how OttLite’s natural daylight illumination can be part of your healthy lifestyle.

Daylight -- Naturally Healthy

For years, researchers have studied how natural daylight affects everything from energy levels and productivity to cavities and stress levels. In studies about circadian rhythm (your wake/sleep cycle regulator), researchers found that exposure to bright light with wavelengths from the full visible spectrum (including short, blue wavelengths) can greatly improve alertness and even productivity.

OttLite’s super bright LEDs are in the 5000K range and contain all wavelengths of visible light – similar to natural daylight. Enjoy the benefits of sunlight any time of day!


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The Importance of Color Accuracy

Ever gotten to work and realized you’re wearing a black sock and a blue sock? Natural daylight is definitely best for showing true colors (and avoiding fashion faux pas).

On the health front, Dr. John Nash Ott, founder of OttLite and known as the father of full-spectrum lighting, said seeing color even plays a role in how we feel. He said the inability to perceive the colors from light can affect our mood and energy levels. OttLite's excellent color rendering will help you see everything with total accuracy and clarity. Now that's something to feel great about!

Adjust for Maximum Comfort

How much light you need depends on many factors – your vision, age, other light sources available. Pupils are the gatekeepers of light and work to control the amount of light that enters our eye. We can get headaches or eyestrain from too little or too much light. Too little light makes our eye muscles work harder to form an image on our retina. Too much light, over-saturates our cones or rods which causes glare.

Additionally, as we age, the structures in our eyes do not respond to light as quickly or as well compared to when we are young. To see sharp details well, someone age 60 needs about two to three times the amount of light, and someone in their 80s would need five times the amount that is required by a 20-year old.

With OttLite LED lamps, you can choose the brightness setting that works best for you. And, the flexible necks let you direct the light where you need it.

Plus, our diffusers are specially created to disperse the light evenly – no hotspots and greatly reduced glare!


Balanced Contrast & Brightness

Some light wavelengths let you see vibrant colors, yet they emit a bright glaring light. Then eye muscles react by squinting. Other wavelengths let you see with high contrast – the edges of objects are incredibly clear which is ideal for reading text and seeing fine details. Yet you lose color fidelity.

OttLite provides the best of both – the precise balance of contrast and brightness that allows you to see details clearly and colors accurately. Now the eye can see and focus without the harsh glare, distortion and fatigue other light sources cause. It’s like natural daylight indoors!

Dr. Gannon, OD, FAAO

Here’s what Dr. Marc Gannon, OD, FAAO of the Low Vision Institute in Ft. Lauderdale had to say about OttLite for vision:

"It's the best of all the lamps available. The consistency of quality is good while the consistency of the wavelength and proper levels of illumination give us good resolution. And it's excellent with contrast. These are things that we look for in improving a patient's vision and making them the most functional."

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