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Moon Landing

Intern mistakenly tapes over original moon landing. Find out what time traveling, Joan of Arc loving things would have happened if he’d used an eyestrain-reducing OttLite.


Baseball umpire blows pitcher’s bid for a no-hitter in the 9th. But what if he’d used an eyestrain-reducing OttLite? Tacos for life anyone?


Gameshow contestant blows his chance at millions by misreading the answer. But life would have been way different for him if OttLite had been part of his game plan. 


Napoleon misses the fine print of the Louisiana Purchase and gets ripped off. But what if he’d used an eyestrain-reducing OttLite? History class will never be the same!

The Renew

Poor LED lighting causes eyestrain. Which causes eye fatigue. Which causes people to make mistakes. Just imagine what would have happened if this architect had only used an eyestrain reducing OttLite. Find out what OttLite can do for you.



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